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An excellent blog on digital democracy using the VocalEyes platform has been published on the Teaching Times website here:

> Digital Democracy can be a great way of ensuring the voices of all children and young people in a school are heard. Sue Lyle and Peter Anderson report on how the digital platform, VocalEyes can be used to support Pupil Voice and lead to serious action for change in schools and community.

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Glynncollen primary school ended the academic year with a flourish! Having prioritised ‘reducing plastics’ in the school they orchestrated their campaign to change the way free milk is provided to the Foundation Phase in their school. Their simple plan was to ask the local authority to consider other ways of supplying the milk. Currently the milk is delivered in 150ml bottles. The young people want this to be changed to 2 litre bottles and for the milk to be dispensed into stainless steel bottles.

They wrote to the politicians in their local ward, local authority and Welsh Assembly. The Environment Minister, Hannah Blythyn, AM wrote to the children to congratulate them on their campaign and provided lots of advice on how they could continue their journey towards plastic-free.

The children themselves decided to raise money to buy the stainless steel bottles and will hold a sponsored walk in September to raise the money.

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Категорії: Highlights, Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 14 вер. 2018

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One of the challenges for schools wishing to put Pupil Voice into action is whether or not participation is authentic or merely tokenistic. In this blog we look at how children in Year 6 in Glyncollen Primary School took their highly rated ideas forward to research and action.

We went to see them near the end of term to find out about the journey they had been on. Our purpose was to capture their story to investigate plastic use in their school and to help the young people show how a commitment to participatory democracy had empowered them to be activists in their own communities.

Read more and watch this fantastic video..

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Another great day invigorating Pupil Voice with participatory democracy, this time at Glyncollen Primary School in Swansea..

The student council did an amazing job and managed to get over 100 students at the school engaged today amassing an impressive 2385 interactions, 52 ideas and 350 comments..

Some students even took the initiative to engage in the big conversation around the Swansea Well-being Plan and in Morriston, their local ward.

Ideas such as Plastic Free School & More Cycle Training came out as some of the highest priorities!

Read the full blog post here: http://blog.vocaleyes.org/2018/01/student-representatives-engage-the-rest-of-the-school-in-participatory-democracy/

Категорії: Highlights, Featured, posted on 24 січ. 2018

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