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Your Community Your Choice was live in the summer of 2021 and our CDO Jenny consulted with residents and an idea was raised in replacing the bench in the Collingwood close.

We loaded the idea onto Vocal Eyes and discussed what was wanted. We then held a voting session for all the residents to vote in person and discuss the plans. They discussed how the neighbourhood was so lovely and how through covid they had been bringing their own garden chairs onto the grass so they could socialise at a distance. There was one bench but it wasn’t looking too stable and wasn’t big enough for more than two people.

The residents decided they would like two benches at each end of the close for sharing cups of tea and a good chat with each other. The project received backing from the local community via votes. We funded the benches, and the residents are really pleased.

The work took place in February 2022 and four benches made from recycled plastic were installed.

**Quote from Jenny Bowley**

I am happy to have been able to help the residents of Collingwood Close to have a lovely seating area. I am sure they will enjoy being able to chat together in the sunshine.

**Quote from local resident**

I am so pleased the benches are in place, it’s going to make such a difference to us all. We will be out there in the good weather catching up and helping each other, thank you.

Categories: Case Study, posted on 10 Jun 2022

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