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Before the Easter break, sixth form students embarked on a journey guiding year 11 through their formal assessments and assisting them with their A-level options.

The mentoring scheme is the brainchild of year 12 and Senior Students' leader on careers, Ahbab Ali.

Mentor, Zakariya Chowdhury, said "I have gained a great sense of satisfaction in seeking to ease this burden meanwhile enhancing my connection to the school."

"Overall, I think by having someone who can empathise with your struggles and can help you overcome them, it can form a healthy relationship especially during any assessment season predicaments you may find yourself in."

Meanwhile, another mentor, Jami Chowdhury, expressed "The peer mentor scheme is an amazing prospect for year 11 students to receive tips and advice from experienced students. I can say that this scheme benefits these students during the current exam period and especially in a pandemic."

Year 11 students are not the only party to be learning from new experiences, as the mentors are learning lots about their own futures.

Malak Grira says it has allowed her to "get some clarity on what I intend to do in the future and it further motivated it me to work hard."

"Working with my mentor has really allowed us to connect and form a really strong bond over what we both enjoy in terms of academics and future aspirations."

Categories: Ideas into Action, Blog, posted on 5 May 2021

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