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Our women seem to feel more unsafe than ever in the wake of Sarah Everard's murder a couple of weeks ago. Please take a look at the women's rights poster on this page by Lily-Ella Hall, in Year 10. Some of the numbers included are stark reminders we all have a duty to ensure women feel safe. She has also written a piece to go with it!

'I believe women’s rights are very important yet they’re not as recognised as people think in today’s society. Women’s rights are important and relevant as women had to fight to earn their rights in today’s modern world and women are slowly becoming more powerful in the industry. As women, they have the rights to be able to wear what they want, have equal amounts of jobs and to be treated equally.’

As Senior students we are here to help deal with your concerns, we are priviledged to have this platform and appreciate any contributions students give. Women's rights is a urgent topic in the news currently and we are so pleased to see students so involved and aware of the change that needs to occur. In future blogs, we hope to continue discussing a wide range of issues we are also deeply passionate about.

If you feel strongly about something, and want to feature it in a blog, email us on!

Categories: Featured, Blog, posted on 13 Apr 2021

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