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Your Student Union Management
Group have listened to your views and have now a substantial fund (up to
£15,000 ) to spend on issues that are prominent to you as students.


From taking on your feedback
on the 8 ways to having your say we have discussed purchasing the following:

Free Breakfast for a term

Charging ports in common spaces

Subsidised food – i.e. meal deal (£1)example.

Water fountains

Free stationary set for students

Free metal / water bottles

Any other suggestions
– these need to be  commented on below by Friday 31st January

We would like you to vote on
the above suggestions to spend the money.

Each of the above will be put
down as a motion on Vocal Eyes, all you have to do is vote for which you would
prefer the money to be spent on.

Categories: Featured, posted on 23 Jan 2020

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