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Well October has come and gone along with our extra hour of daylight! I’ve had a great month meeting lots of new people in Pennard, Bishopston and Gower Wards. I’ve also been working closely with Gower Unearthed on our tree-planting project.


Last month, top of the list of Pennard Priorities was to plant a tree to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passing of Vernon Watkins. While investigeting the feasibility of this idea I discovered that both Pennard Primary and Pennard Library both also celebrate a 50th anniversary this year. With this in mind, we approached both the school and library to suggest we combine all three, strengthening the links between Vernon, the village and literacy. Both were really happy to be part of a great project and so our tree is to be planted on November 30th outside Pennard Primary School where all members of the community or visitors can pop along to have a look. The tree has been kindly donated by Pennard Stores and the plaque will be supplied by the Gower Landscape Partnership. In order to ensure the children at Pennard Primary understand the signficance of the tree planting, Gower Unearthed will also be running workshops with the children, bringing the work of our famous poet to life. It really is a great example of people working together to make a positive change in their community.


I have spent time in Bishopston this month, working with residents and local Councillor Lyndon Jones on how to improve the playground facilities for children in Bishopston ward. There are two playgrounds in Bishopston and both are in a poor state of repair. The Community Council are applying for grant funding to improve the situation but alongside this, a group of residents are very keen to help them to achieve their goals. Watch this space for news on progress!


Ever been sat somewhere on Gower and thought what a great place it is to lie back and look at the stars? Well hopefully, you will soon be able to do this at Rhossili. As a result of an idea straight from the project, Rhossili is set to apply for official dark sky status and host its own fantastic stargazing event. The funding application has been sent in so fingers crossed for a positive outcome and the first of many such events at Rhossili.


We’ve only been running for four very short months and already so many positive projects are happening in wards where residents are using  www.vocaleyes.org to rate and debate ideas for positive change in their communities. Register now to make a difference to your community!

posted on 7 Nov 2017