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We are very excited to announce that we have in discussions about all of the current top ideas. There are a team of people very eager to get your good ideas up and running! 

The top idea right now is the micro-hydro scheme proposal, to work from the River Garw, utilising the natural flow of the water. A micro-hydro scheme is basically a renewable energy scheme, which will create hydroelectric power that produces electricity. This generated electricity can therefore be used to power homes and businesses in the Garw – benefitting us all!


These micro-hydro installations have been used successfully in many parts of the world, as well as here in the UK. They are also particularly popular in Scotland, as they have great countryside with fantastic rivers to make the most of.


We agree that installing a micro-hydro scheme would be an asset to the Garw Valley, and would benefit our town both economically and financially. This is why we have been looking into the idea, and think that it can be done. 

There are many ways to go about this – and one idea is that the scheme could even become community-owned, meaning you would have the opportunity to purchase your own share of the installation. This has worked well in other areas, as this ensures that our renewable energy is generated in our community and stays in our community, for the benefit of all locals.


We are in the early stages of planning currently, but we just wanted to update you about our progress so far! What do you think of this idea, and do you have any thoughts about how this could be achieved?

If you haven’t already – rate the idea and add your own discussion here! Alternatively, vote for another idea – or suggest others - here, and thank you for your input!

posted on 29 May 2015