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Community Food Spaces - Volunteer Team
Would you like a community food space allowing you to grow edible produce, cook outdoors and share meals with family and friends?

The Community Food Space is an area created for food; for growing edible produce, cooking outdoors and sharing meals with family and friends. The Food Space is designed and created by Feeding Bristol as a collaboration between The Children’s Kitchen and Incredible Edible Bristol.
We help residents to create a space that meets the needs of the community. Each space will feature raised beds and a carefully selected range of herbs, fruits and vegetables to be tended and picked by the community. The permanent seating areas can be used for relaxation, eating outdoors or for shared community events and educational workshops.
The Community Food Space will feature and covered outdoor cooking area, sink for handwashing and food preparation and permanent seating areas with shelter from rain and sun. They can be in a housing development, a Children’s Centre or Community Centre and are ideally linked to a local food provision such as a Food Club. The area will bring nature and biodiversity into the local area and raise the community awareness of the environment, where food comes from and how to enjoy it together.

To take this project forward we need at least one Sovereign resident to help develop it alongside us at Feeding Bristol and Sovereign’s Communities team! If you are a Sovereign customer and would like a Food Space in your community and know of a suitable space, then please click on the “I’d like to get involved” button and we will be in touch.

posted on 16 Dec 2020

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Square Food Foundation is Bristol’s cookery school and community kitchen.

We’re a charity that works to reduce hunger, improve health and bring people together through food and cooking. We work with young people not at school or work, older adults that may be isolated, kids at school and their families, people at risk of homelessness and more.

When lockdown was announced, all of SFF's classes were paused or cancelled. To support our students and encourage them to keep cooking, we launched our virtual cooking club - weekly DIY meal kits that include a pack of pre-weighed and measured ingredients, a recipe and a cookalong video tutorial presented by one of Square Food's cookery teachers. The weekly kits cover a variety of culturally inclusive recipes. So far, our at-home cooks have made pasties, Singapore noodles, samosas, pizza and chicken curry. At Christmas, they were given the ingredients and instructions to make their own Gingerbread house!

Our virtual cooking club is attended by all ages - from 6 - 60. Right now, we're delivering around 180 kits per week (mostly to local families) but we want to do more.

With your support, we can extend our virtual cooking club across the city. We want to work in partnership with other groups and organisations to encourage children, young people and adults to get cooking at home, empower them to learn new skills and try new recipes.

We want to raise funds to invest in proper technology to create fun, engaging and informative videos and resources that will enhance and future-proof our cookery classes.

Tell us what you would like to see! Maybe there is a meal you have always wanted to learn to cook? Are you looking for inspiration for lockdown lunches? Do you have a family recipe which you would love to share with others? We'd love to hear from you.

Please vote for our idea to give us the best chance of raising the funds we need!

posted on 15 Jan 2021

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Save our library service - Volunteer Team
If we want to keep happy healthy and wise we need to save the library! 

posted on 15 Jan 2021

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Whole food Shop - Volunteer Team
We propose to start up a whole food shop selling quality supplies including locally sourced produce and gifts; something we greatly believe our local area of Fishponds is lacking.

We would include quality produce including freshly baked bread, milk, butter, coffee, chocolate, organic and natural groceries and a scoop/zero waste section including: grains, dried fruit, pulses, laundry liquid, washing up liquid and more.

We will use local suppliers where possible and include craft by local designers including gifts and cards.

As well as being a shop, we'd like to think of it as being a hub for the community - we will most definitely include a community notice board highlighting local events and courses.

We believe that community is at the core of a successful shop - so we will listen to what the community want us to sell, and we'll look to sell it!

posted on 20 Jan 2021

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Garden growers coop - Volunteer Team
A network in which garden owners or landlords that offer their green areas to be urban farmed in exchange for produce and a green space that is healthy, maintained, productive and biodiverse.

posted on 30 Jan 2021

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