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We are the residents of Lansdown Road in Faringdon and we have a Community Garden which we look after, along with pots, plants and seating areas around the road.

The space is used by everyone, the younger to play and the older to sit, and enjoy the space. In June we held a Jubilee party in our community garden.

We are applying to the Your Community Your Choice project for two benches. These will help more residents be able to sit outside, enjoy the space, socialise and bring the community together. One bench will replace an existing one which is coming to the end of its life, and another will be nearer the building.

We love our community space and really enjoy coming together to grow plants, improving green spaces and providing games for the children to play with outside.

posted on 16 Aug 2022

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We are a group of residents who live at St Denys. We would like to make improvements to the communal garden so that we can enjoy taking part in gardening, make it more accessible so we can sit out socialise and enjoy the garden more. We propose to prepare some areas for resident gardening, Levelling off uneven ground. Opening up and clearing shub and a bench so that we can have a nice open area to sit and clearing around our windows so that we can enjoy the view of the garden more. We would like to woodchip some other areas and prune fruit tress so they fruit more and we will then be able to sit underneath in the shade if required. If we have a nice garden it will help our mindset and attract other resident to come out. It will also Make us more proud of our environment. It will give us good feelings. We would like a couple of hose reels to help us in maintaining the garden and some containers and plants.

posted on 18 Aug 2022

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This resource has 2 of 3 volunteers and is 67% complete.
We are a group of residents living at Edward May Court that would like to improve our outdoor space and facilities to encourage residents to get outdoors, light exercise with gardening and enjoy the fresh air. This will improve the appearance of our homes and enhance the feeling of pride and love for our environment. We would like raised beds to the front with a community bench, a new herb garden and revitalised outdoor space to the side of the building bu the bins.

posted on 22 Aug 2022

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This resource has 1 of 3 volunteers and is 33% complete.
The community of residents and their visitors would benefit from:

* 2 new upcycled 3-seater benches outside block 16-17, and for one of the washing lines to be removed (the larger one)
* Awnings or a gazebo to protect residents from sun or rain and to allow for outdoor meetings during spring/summer and autumn
* Further new 3-seater benches in other areas of the Court where residents can sit, which will replace the old, unmaintained and broken benches, ideally being recycled plastic-slat benches for low maintenance. One as you enter the site, and one opposite (Mike to send through photos)
* New concrete hard standing for new benches, and concrete works where 3-seaters replace 2-seaters
* Ramps to steps for all buildings above ground floor where it is necessary to allow residents to get access to communal gardens
* Anaerobic composting container(s) so that food waste is recycled on-site into compost that gardeners and maintenance staff can use for fertiliser and composting
* Wind-powered weather vane, which conducts kinetic energy for charging phones
* Outdoor static piece of gym equipment for residents and visitors
* The installation of a solar water fountain
* Set up a greenhouse or polytunnel for vegetable growing

posted on 25 Aug 2022

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Somerford is an area with a high number of people that do not use computers and we would like to install more community boards around the estate to better facilitate the communication between charities and community groups and the residents. I have identified that there are about 6 locations where a new community boards would be perfect and believe the project would cost around £5000 to complete.

posted on 1 Sep 2022

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