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Youth Voice in Action has arrived in Bishopston.

VocalEyes have gained grant funding from the Community Foundation Wales to create a way for young people in the community to have their say on what facilities and amenities they want and need during our various stages of a "new normal" and beyond.

There is a whole topic dedicated to Ideas for Youth Voice in Action in the Bishopston community group where young people can suggest ideas and rate ones already added. The platform will prioritise the ideas based on the average rating and the number of people engaging with the idea.

We also hope that some young people will feel so empowered by this project they will sign up to become Community or Climate Action Influencers, spreading the word and helping take ideas into actions.

Follow us on instagram @yva_gower or get in touch to find out more:

posted on 25 Mar 2021

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Climate and Community are very busy clearing land for new trees for a hazel coppice on Mansel Green in Murton. Historically the land is grazing common land but the main road that cuts through Clyne Common has stopped the majority of animals grazing on Mansel Green for many years. Bramble and bracken took over and it was inaccessible apart from a few pathways through the undergrowth.Over the last year Climate and Community have removed bramble and bracken from many areas and grass has returned. They are planting many variety of trees and have pollarded the mature trees already growing there.

This is such a positive project with loads of ideas such as no-dig food growing and involving communities from Swansea. 
They have plans to create 7 areas of hazel coppice over the next 7 years. Coppiced wood is invaluable for building materials and for converting into bio-char to add to the soil. (The project is inspired by Ed Revill's growing project on South Gower and his biochar pioneering work). 

Tuesdays have now been set as a weekly workday. It would be great to have a large group of people working together and sharing food and conversation too. Car parking available across the road at Bishopston Community Centre or the number 14 bus from Swansea bus station takes you right there.

If you want to get involved please contact Bob and Jules on 07964 530436 or or Val on 07533 711 506. Also if you know of any community groups that may be interested in participating, contact Jules and Bob. Volunteer expenses are provided plus unlimited cups of tea and coffee with biscuits! 

Categories: Highlights, Featured, posted on 14 Aug 2020

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We had a very busy morning at The Lamplighter in Bishopston with lots of lovely members of the community in attendance all eager to make positive changes to their community. 
We were extremely well looked-after by the lovely ladies of The Lamplighter with free-flowing tea and coffee and warm mince pies for those who wanted one.
We started off the event with a brief discussion about what we are hoping to achieve from the Swansea Rural Community Voice project and then jumped onto to start registering anyone who wasn't already signed-up, rating existing ideas and adding some new ones generated by our discussions.
We had a good chat about the best ways to raise awareness of the project in the ward and to encourage members of the community to take part.
I can't wait for the next session in January. We'll be back at The Lamplighter at 11am on Wednesday January 3rd - please come and say hello! 

posted on 16 Dec 2017

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