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Have you guys seen our new exhibition…? It’s now here at Coalville C.A.N
it’s from the Castle Rock students from years 7 to 10! Come down and see all of the students creative work! The Gallery opened its doors to the public for the first time with the new exhibition inside! What’s your favourite piece of art work in there?

posted on 24 Jun 2022

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Hey guys!
We have exciting news! We have a newsletter that is dropping today!
You can find weekly updates on what has been happening in CAN HQ! It will also tell you what the CAN team have been up to! You won’t ever have to miss a thing again, if you would like to join our mailing list please message us!
The news letter will be dropping on Fridays weekly at 2PM!
Starting next week!
Did you know that We also have a weekly slot with hermitage FM!
We will be having a different topic every week with different partners from CAN HQ!
Make sure to stay tuned!

posted on 10 Jun 2022

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On Saturday 28th May 2022 Coalville C.A.N went down to Ashby Food Festival which was situated at Ashby bath grounds in Ashby de-la-zouch. There was an amazing choice of food and drink, fresh stone baked pizza, organic beef burgers & sausages and so much more.
There was local craft ale and cider brewer, new British cocktails and wines, sourced and produced in the Midlands.
Food Gusto is passionate about supporting local and up coming musicians, this year we have Rob Lea and Mitch Colcombe who are both talented up and coming artists.
Coalville C.A.N went to Ashby food festival with the intent of showing everyone what we are doing. We also did free activities for kids.
At our HQ at Coalville C.A.N we created a gallery and we took a mobile gallery on the road for children to add their art too. We also took some writing and poetry activities for people to join in with or recite their own expressions.
Our plans for community ownership of the hermitage leisure centre, we took the scale model of Hermitage Leisure centre and the letter from the children at Castle Rock supporting the plans, We have gotten over 200 people signing including the mayor of Ashby to get this motion moving as a community.

posted on 3 Jun 2022

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To better combat E-Waste by stopping unused devices going to landfill, and breathing new life into old tech, our tech expert Harry has set up a digital restoration centre in the HQ.

It's a space to donate any old or unused devices, functioning or beyond repair, to be repaired or repurposed. Parts and devices will be donated to local people in need or used as part of community projects.

Find out more or get in touch to arrange a donation on the official Facebook page:

posted on 29 May 2022

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Collaborating with Camerados, we've set up a public living room on the ground floor of HQ. They describe it best on their website:

'A no agenda space, where folk can go to just be themselves alongside others, they are warm welcoming places that offer no services just the company of fellow humans. Public Living Rooms are not manned by staff, they are set up and organised by folk in communities for those communities and are open to all.'

You can hang out in the living room whenever we are open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but keep an eye for dedicated living room events in our announcements!

Categories: Announcement, posted on 29 May 2022

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