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The College has listened to your views and through numerous channels I.E Student Management Group and Vocal eyes and we are delighted to tell you we are now able to increase our vegan offerings. As well as the standard vegan options available our catering manager has put in place a new call to order system to minimise on waste. You simply request a vegan option to the catering staff and they will be able to prepare you a vegan meal. (as it will be cooked to order there will be a slight wait). 

There was also a request for more vegan snack and sweet options and we now have an additional vegan snack bar being sold across campus and Vegan Magnum Ice creams are also available.

We see this as a brilliant and positive start top improving our catering offerings and want to thank everyone for your comments and suggestions to make this happen. 

Categories: Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 27 Feb 2020

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Gower College Swansea has recently made big change which is to change from one-time-use cups to reusable cups. This change happened because of ideas that were created on VocalEyes.

This college is on its way to becoming more eco-friendly for the future. This happens by acting now.

Gower College Swansea has taken action changes that students are wanting change on. We are always there for students to improve their quality of college life along with propelling them into the future with our high standards of education.

Categories: Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 27 Sep 2019

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Gower College Swansea has introduces a new role to become a GCS Active Ambassador. Their role will be organizing activities for students, attend meetings with professionals in physical and well being activities and lastly, the Active Ambassador will sit on the board of students which will decide on changes for the college.

The ambassador will represent their fellow students in the board of students. This is specially important as this means that the department that the ambassador will present will not be forgotten about.

This move is to moving into effect as to tackle the problem of generations becoming less active. With this role, we will ensure that we wont let an opportunity pass to tackle a huge issue.

Categories: Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 24 Sep 2019

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A popular source of conversation on
Vocal Eyes is Catering and the food options available, so today I sat down and
caught up with Neil Baker to answer some of your queries and look back at the success over the past year.

So Neil, tell me about some of your highlights?

There are too many to mention as my team
have worked so hard and everything we have done is to ensure the learners
experience is the best.

  • Opened 2 new outlets

  • Held several themed events
    across all sites including Pancake day, hydration events, fresher’s fayre,
    pasta events, pizza days, Dydd Gwyl Dewi.,Chinese Day, healthy colleges week
    and porridge.

  • 4 week set timetable
    across all sites, which includes, healthy choice, traditional choices,
    vegetarian options, Jacket potatoes and a new improved salad bar.

  • Food standards inspection

  • Working to
    increase vegan options during next 3 months

  • More information available
    on what is in food and drinks including Vegan and Gluten options

  • Large TV screens
    displaying clearer information on what is coming up or being served.

  • All staff  have completed customer service training

Price of Food?

Price of food is always hotly discussed; I think we
are as competitive as we possibly can be and certainly are when benchmarking
against other similar colleges and businesses locally.

With confectionary items our prices are the same as
recommended retail price (RRP) , and we need to remember that we have also had
the increase in sugar tax in the past 12 months.

What is your Vision?

My team and I are here for the learner, we want to
inspire and enrich the learners experience within the College.


If you would like to speak  with Neil – please feel free to speak with
Neil, he is always open for discussion and always willing to take on your Views.

Categories: Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 11 Mar 2019

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