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Seeing duplicate ideas in your group can be frustrating. Here's how to deal with it..
VocalEyes Tutorials: Managing Duplicate Ideas

posted on 30 Oct 2018

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Single Sign On (SSO) access via SharePoint within Office365 is now available. For installation details click here

posted on 2 Jun 2018

- Voting options are "FOR", "AGAINST" & "ABSTAIN"
- Start and close time for voting on Motions
- Enable/Disable a "BLOCK" option
- Members can comment on Motions

You can play with the Motion Voting function here: 

Motion Voting can be turned on in the Manage Modules section of Group Admin.
You need to be Group Admin or Group Editor to do this.

posted on 29 Apr 2018

This is an early version of what we intend to become a fully fledged Events and Meeting Minutes/Notes module.

Here is an example of the early release:

posted on 5 Feb 2018

VocalEyes is a platform and process for modern day community organising and there’s quite a lot more to it than meets the eye. It’s only a tool, but when used skilfully, it can be a powerful process for community organising and positive change. This 30 second video should help explain some of the features and benefits..
VocalEyes - Community Organising - 30 Second Explainer Video - May 10th 2018

posted on 1 Feb 2018

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For Topics, Ideas & Comments
How to view topics, rate, comment, reply and add your own ideas - VocalEyes Video Tutorial

posted on 3 Dec 2017

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We've just released a "Transactions" function on Budgets so you can now add Income & Expenses to your budgets - whether they are allocated funds or actual amounts - should come in handy for open and transparent participatory budgeting if you have budgets that require public/member engagement.

Learn more about VocalEyes features and case studies here:

posted on 28 Nov 2017

If daily email notifications on some of your groups are getting too much, you now have the option to receive them weekly instead. Email notifications are sent out for each VocalEyes group so you have the choice to adjust the setting for each one depending on how important the updates are to you.

posted on 4 Sep 2017

We hope you never have to use it, but just in case, you can now flag any offensive posts for Group Administrators to review.

posted on 4 Sep 2017

The "share" feature has arrived enabling you to do just that. We're looking forward to liking and tweeting a lot more VocalEyes content in the near future. NB. You'll only see this function on public content

posted on 4 Sep 2017

We pushed the newest version (MS53) live yesterday late evening, and here are the most notable changes: - Comment Submit button be gone! Your submit will now immediately be submitted once you click an opinion button. - The idea list has a new Filters & Sort options that update the list immediately once an option is selected / clicked. - The My Groups dropdown that will show once you click the name of your group now has a feature to search the name of the groups you're connected with. - Group name will be frozen on top when scrolling longer lists, so you always know where you are. - All links (URL's) you add to any content type will automatically "linkify" (become clickable links). ... and many-many more other tweaks and fixes... For admins: - Detailed Idea Report has arrived! Check it out in Stats & Reports under Idea Reports. It makes use of the new Filters & Sort options in the ideas view. - Ever wanted to see all the activity of one user? Now you can. Click on the name of any user under the admin pages, and you will be redirected automatically to a page that will show you everything related to that one user. - The All Content page is now removed as all there was here was already available on the other content pages. - Map: a map of raters' location can now be seen underneath the idea (click the Map tab). For now this is an admin-only function.

posted on 12 Jun 2017

- VocalEyes is now showing a map of users who rated an idea (see new 'Map' tab at the bottom of idea blocks) - this will only show the locations of those who have registered a home postcode in their personal profile. - links in comments and replies are now activated and will open the url into a new window. - we've made some formatting changes to the daily email notifications - so you immediately see what's important. - daily email notifications will now also go out for all content (so you will receive email notifications of actions too!) - daily email notifications will no longer be triggered for content updates (ie if someone edits the content) - so a little less in your mailbox. - line breaks (paragraphs) are now respected in all description boxes to ensure your content looks neat. - 'back to top' link is now present on any page that you scroll down. - in Projects: to add resources, we've made the button selection clearer and easier to create or update. GROUP ADMINS: - Admin alerts are now live - Group Admins if you wish to receive these go to the admin section and toggle Admin Alerts On (IMPORTANT NOTE: this will activate immediate notification for all content posted in your group).

posted on 26 Mar 2017

1. Group Editors Users who have access to the Group Administration section and who can manage the group and edit its content. Group Editors DO NOT have access to any users details including their username. 2. Group Administrators Users who have access to the Group Administration section including the User section and have access to users profile information. More info here:

posted on 7 Nov 2016

Simply paste the YouTube or Vimeo link into the idea description and the video will appear.

posted on 6 Nov 2016

This graph in Group Admin shows administrators both the number of "registered" members and the number of "engaged/active" members. This is very useful when trying to determine how effective engagement strategies have been.

posted on 24 May 2016

It's been quite a short milestone this month as we wanted to update and release various tweaks and fixes as quickly as possible. 
Here is a summary:
For users:
- When you rate, the screen will automatically scroll to the comment box.
- Email address can now be changed before it getting activated (ie. to correct typos).
- Topic shortcodes sneaked in to the code before this release, we now made them look better.
- Better navigation in Group News and Global News (Ideas Into Action).
- Fixed various mobile and desktop layout issues.

For admins
- Group Admin content lists now sorted by date descending.
- Edit button will now show on Global News (Ideas Into Action) entries for admins.

...and many bug fixes!

Please keep your feedback coming...

posted on 25 Apr 2016

Thank you for all your feedback recently. We've made good progress with mobile development in this Milestone as well as some nice user interface updates. Here is a summary;

For users:
- Simplified the Add New button
- Layout changes to make things simple, and a little more visual
- Mobile site also got a little lighter
- Tour Mode added, if you still didn't find your way
- Pie Chart graphs to show the average rating, the voting profile of an idea and the number of users engaged.

For admins
- All groups have a default logo and header image, make sure you upload one that's more personal to your group
- Modules can be turned off / on, so they aren't in the way if not used; we programatically removed modules your group doesn't use, but you can easily reactivate them in Group Admin

...and many bug fixes!

posted on 8 Mar 2016

Thank you for all your feedback on VocalEyes. There is a development pipeline as long as the river Nile but never-the-less, we're making our way through it one step at a time. Please keep your ideas coming.

- Blog is now the News!
- Design / usability amendments to the mobile version
- Notifications ON/OFF switch has been added to My Groups (on Dashboard)
- More context added to the email content notifications
- Group and Idea description character limit increased to 4096
- SSO (Single Sign On) users can now add their email address (will also get notified about it), and change their username and password
- Resources types now have "Other" in the list, and other improvements
- Login session length increased to 2 years

...and many many bug fixes and slight GUI improvements

posted on 20 Jan 2016

The function to be able to customise the look and feel of the VocalEyes widget has been a feature request for some time. We're pleased to announce this feature is going live this weekend and can be found on the Widget Settings page in Group Admin.

The settings allow you to customise text and background colours for the different sections of the widget so you can align them with the colours of your intranet or website where the widget is embedded.

posted on 30 Oct 2015

  • Your own comments and replies can now be edited for 20 minutes
  • Split the Rating and Pledging carousels into two separate carousels
  • Improvements to title and description when sharing on Facebook
  • Slight improvements to the look of comment replies
  • Group header and logo images load speed improvement
  • Added Privacy Policy page, and Facebook and twitter links to the bottom menu

*** Group Admin changes ***

  • Filter by item status / publishing options in all content / member lists using a simple drop-down
  • Excel report:
    • Separated Active from Archived topics
    • Topic status is now shown on top
    • Declines are excluded from rating counts
  • When creating a group, accented characters are now properly transformed into their non-accented latin equivalents when auto-creating (as you type) the group's URL Alias

- Many many bug fixes!

posted on 10 Oct 2015