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Functionality to assign Organisation Units to multiple ideas at one time. i.e. Assign "Campus A" to all ideas inside "Ideas to improve Campus A" Topic.

Simply click on "Assign" on the topic, it will open up a tab, select/deselect the relevant Org Units and the option to assign/unassign all ideas will appear. Once complete, check your ideas and all ideas should also be assigned correctly.

posted on 3 Feb 2020

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Categories: Videos, posted on 30 Oct 2018

VocalEyes Tutorials: Managing Duplicate Ideas

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Single Sign On (SSO) access via SharePoint within Office365 is now available. For installation details click here

Categories: Highlights, Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 2 Jun 2018

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- Voting options are "FOR", "AGAINST" & "ABSTAIN"
- Start and close time for voting on Motions
- Enable/Disable a "BLOCK" option
- Members can comment on Motions

You can play with the Motion Voting function here: 

Motion" target="_blank">"> 

Motion Voting can be turned on in the Manage Modules section of Group Admin.
You need to be Group Admin or Group Editor to do this.

posted on 29 Apr 2018

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This is an early version of what we intend to become a fully fledged Events and Meeting Minutes/Notes module.

Here is an example of the early release:
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posted on 5 Feb 2018

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