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Youth Voice in Action has arrived in Mayals.

VocalEyes have gained grant funding from the Community Foundation Wales to create a way for young people in the community to have their say on what facilities and amenities they want and need during our various stages of a "new normal" and beyond.

There is a whole topic dedicated to Ideas for Youth Voice in Action in the Mayals community group where young people can suggest ideas and rate ones already added. The platform will prioritise the ideas based on the average rating and the number of people engaging with the idea.

We also hope that some young people will feel so empowered by this project they will sign up to become Community or Climate Action Influencers, spreading the word and helping take ideas into actions.

Follow us on instagram @yva_gower or get in touch to find out more:

posted on 25 Mar 2021

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Conversation Cafe
Young People are interested in a wide range of topics. We could set up a Conversation Cafe for young people to have the opportunity to learn about different topics that interest them. For example Environmental or Political topics.

The young people would decide what they want to know more about and the Cafes would be attended by an expert in the area who would be able to answer questions and have a lively discussion in a relaxed environment.
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posted on 4 Mar 2021

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