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The new 'Togetherall' (Formerly Big White Wall) has now launched! If you've already signed up, you will start seeing communications from the service that look different, including an updated URL and logo.
The name may have changed, but the commitment to providing safe and accessible mental health support remains consistent.
If you aren’t yet a member, and you feel like you need a place to talk, visit today to find out more or contact to speak to a member of staff at the college.

Categories: Announcement, posted on 24 Sep 2020

Why become a class rep . Here is your vice president Amy with more information -

To apply -

Categories: Announcement, posted on 24 Sep 2020

Don't worry you still have time, head over to Facebook for a chance of winning . Good luck , Tommorow the winner will be picked

Categories: Announcement, posted on 17 Sep 2020

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