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Recent News

VocalEyes was successfully launched at the Coastal Housing Tenant Fun Day where a luck winner was handed a new tablet device (to beer use VocalEyes) and about 50 tenants signed up and used the system for the first time. 

posted on 10 Mar 2016

Our first tenant voice group launched today!


posted on 27 Oct 2015

Tenants attending Coastal housing’s recent Tenant Fun Day recently ‘Got Digital’ as we launched our new Tenant Voice platform. We also gave away some fun prizes for all having a go – and one lucky tenant won a new android tablet device.

VocalEyes now available for Coastal’s tenants to enable them to advocate, be active and make a difference.

“VocalEyes enables any tenant to rate, debate and contribute their own ideas using digital technology that enables all tenants to have an equal voice and will help Coastal to clearly see the priorities,” said Kirsty Walton, Coastal’s Customer Services Manager.

“We are also looking for enthusiastic tenants to join the admin team and help feedback all the ideas and then report back the actions onto VocalEyes so that everyone can see what is happening with their ideas and the proposals they’ve voted on.”

At the Fun Day many had a go using the system and 50 signed up. VocalEyes can be accessed through any device such as a desktop computer, laptop, ipad, or mobile phone as long as you are connected to the internet.

Tenants can also access VocalEyes training via Coastal’s Digital Inclusion sessions.


Picture: the VocalEyes team

posted on 27 Oct 2015