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ср, 27 марта 2019
11:50 to 15:50

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Student Council Meeting
ср, 20 марта 2019
12:20 to 13:20
Our regular meeting to discuss student priorities

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Тема How to embed Participatory Democracy in schools? (архивируются)
Embed participatory democracy into the curriculum

Pupil Voice is an important aspect of education in Wales where the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC, 1989) is statutory. The UNCRC sets out a set of participation rights for children that includes the right to a voice, to be listened to, to exercise agency and negotiate meanings with others.

The aim in Wales is for fundamental children’s rights’ principles to become embedded within the policies and practices of all who work with and on behalf of children and young people. Many schools want to go beyond the statutory requirement to establish a School Council to fully integrate pupil voice into the school community. Cardiff is on a three year journey to become the first Child Friendly City in Wales and is committed to continuous consultation with Children and Young People (CYP).

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This would be transformative for young people.
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Team Meeting
чт, 28 февр. 2019
10:00 to 11:00
A chance for the team to get together and plan for the month ahead.

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Donate to Paul Sartori Charity

Mission Statement:

“To provide sustainable services that promote good end of life care in Pembrokeshire”



  • To enable patients in the final stages of life to be cared for at home and to die at home if that is their choice
  • To address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of patients, families and carers
  • To work collaboratively and in partnership with local providers of end of life care
  • To safeguard the financial health of the charity and ensure that it is able to provide the appropriate services free of charge
  • To comply with best practice in both corporate and clinical governance
  • To provide education and training programmes to enhance the quality of end of life care locally

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