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A vocalEyes group for suggestions is currently being looked at

posted on 31 Jan 2018

Under review
Idea: Create a group for VocalEyes Users av. rating: 5.0 rated by: 1 declined by: 0

posted on 31 Jan 2018

Action assigned
Feel free to have a good look around in this VocalEyes Demo Group - Open to All - If you would like to gain access to Group Admin and the full feature set, dont hesitate to email us

posted on 3 Dec 2017

Idea reviewed Tangible Outcome
Idea: Create a demo group av. rating: 5.0 rated by: 2 declined by: 0
Its a great idea and well needed. Should be progressed shortly

posted on 28 Mar 2017

Under review
Idea: Recycling bins av. rating: 5.0 rated by: 3 declined by: 0