The School hosted the prestigious 2017 International Place Branding Association (IPBA) conference last week. The IPBA was established in 2015 as an independent association of academics and professionals who are involved in the brand development and management for places including cities, regions, nations and destinations.

The conference, organised by our Head of Business Management Professor Nigel Morgan, took place at the Bay Campus and the Marriott Hotel.

Professor Morgan said, “The conference was a huge success. We were very lucky to welcome place branding experts from across the world to Swansea including Geerte Udo, from Amsterdam Marketing, and Don Dioko, Professor and Director of International Tourism Research Centre of Macau in China. Macau is known globally as “the Vegas of China” or “the Monte Carlo of the Orient” and is a wonderful example of place branding on a huge scale. 

"We also had a keynote from Mari Stevens, Marketing Director at Welsh Government, who talked about how Wales is evolving its brand strategy with the Year of the Sea in 2018 and the recent launch of the Wales Way”.

posted on 18 Dec 2017

*Professor Nigel Morgan has been appointed as Associate Dean of the School of Management (Special Projects). The primary purpose of this role will be to ensure that the various initiatives in train at any time in the School, e.g. currently Llanelli Wellbeing Village, Centre for Regional Innovation, are fully and appropriately embedded in the School's academic delivery and to ensure a School-wide cross-departmental approach. The role is an essential part of growing the School’s leadership capacity to deal with the growth of the School’s portfolio.

*Professor Nigel Morgan has been appointed as a member of the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment College of Assessors.

*12 SoM staff members have now obtained their HEA (Higher Education Academy) during 2016/17. The HEA Fellowship is an internationally recognised mark of professional expertise. Well done to Ellen Spender, Vineet Upreti, Sue Evans, Sarah Owens, Sam Buxton, Dario Debowicz, Tim Zhou, Terry Filer, Davide Avino, Samantha Burvill, Desiree Cranfield and Steve Cook.

*At the recent Student Forum, student representatives wanted to recognise the hard work put in by our all of the Staff at the School. Professor Nick Rich, Dr Tim Pryce-Brown, Alan Price and Emma James were specifically highlighted for their work in helping to enrich student experience.

*Congratulations to our School Careers Team who have been shortlisted in the Best University Careers/Employability Service in the National Undergraduate Employability Awards 2018. The award is sponsored by Microsoft and the ceremony is taking place in London in February 2018.

*The UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS) has nominated Professor Yogesh Dwivedi as a panel member for REF2021 Business and Management Studies (UoA 17).

Professor Yogesh Dwivedi has been invited to be the keynote speaker for the 2018 UKAIS (The UK Academy for Information Systems) Doctoral Consortium, which will be held on 19th March at St Anne's College, University of Oxford.

*Professor Peter Sloane has been invited to give the keynote address at the annual conference of the European Association of Sports Economists to be held in Liverpool, 29th to 31st August, 2018.

*Professor Yogesh Dwivedi was invited to deliver a research talk at Kent Business School on 7th Dec. Yogesh delivered this talk on one of his recent articles: Dwivedi, Y. K., Rana, N. P., Jeyaraj, A., Clement, M., & Williams, M. D. (2017). Re-examining the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT): Towards a Revised Theoretical Model. Information Systems Frontiers, 1-16.

If you have any staff news you would like to share with colleagues please email

posted on 18 Dec 2017

The £13.5million School of Management innovation project AgorIP has helped a Welsh energy business secure its first investment round and substantial funding.

Trameto, a Swansea-based firm who are developing micro energy harvesting solutions, have announced the closing of a seed round of investment and the award of a grant from Innovate UK. The seed financing was led by Swansea Innovations Ltd which manages Swansea University’s venture fund and the newly-formed Development Bank for Wales.

Trameto is being supported by the AgorIP project. AgorIP, which is funded by Swansea University, Welsh Government and EU structural funds, is hosted at the School of Management and is working to progress new ideas through experimental and industrial development, demonstrating proof of concept to potential funders and attracting further investment.

The company plans to use the funding to further develop its semi-conductor products which will enable energy harvesting from any form of energy such as light, vibrations and thermal gradients. Industry analysts Semico Research forecast that the semiconductor content within this market will be worth more than $3 billion by 2020.

CEO Huw Davies, who founded Trameto, said the funding would allow the firm to accelerate their work to eliminate the need for batteries and wired power as part of the growing Internet of Things. Huw Davies said, “Trameto’s products will enable the elimination of batteries from the many interconnected smart sensors and wireless devices which can communicate with each other in the Internet of Things. We are addressing opportunities in markets such as infrastructure monitoring, asset tracking, smart agriculture, defence, wearables, healthcare and smart metering".

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everything connected to the internet, but it is increasingly being used to define objects that "talk" to each other. Swansea Innovations, Managing Director and lead of the AgorIP programme, Dr Gerry Ronan said, "Simply, the Internet of Things (IoT) is made up of devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables – connected together. They all need power. IoT refers not only to personal computers and mobile phones connected through the internet but to the wireless interconnection of all of the billions of “things” and devices through the internet or local area networks. With those billions of things come billions of batteries which must be bought, maintained and disposed of.

“Energy harvesting presents a straightforward solution for easily powering those remote devices using clean energy”.

Dr Ronan added, “Trameto’s unique power management products offers us the opportunity to be more efficient in how we do things, saving us time, money and often emissions in the process".

Fit and Forget devices:

Dr Richard Thompson, Senior Investment Executive at Development Bank Wales, said the investment would allow Trameto to grow their products and take advantage of the growing need for low maintenance wireless devices. 

Trameto is led by a highly experienced team and is an important addition to the growing IoT and semi-conductor sector in Wales. Dr Thompson said, “The investment from the Development Bank combined with the grant funding will allow Trameto to further develop their products and take advantage of the growing need for low maintenance wireless devices”.

He added, “Within the IoT, there is a huge desire to eliminate the dependence on battery operation to facilitate self-sustaining or fit and forget solutions”.

The IoT is about connecting devices over the internet, letting them talk to us, other applications and each other. Where it is most common in Britain is home heating and energy use. Smart meters have clever functions that let you turn on heating remotely, set it to turn down the temperature if it is a sunny day, or even turn off when there is no-one home. 

Dr Ronan added, We are delighted that Swansea University through Swansea Innovations has helped Trameto secure this substantial funding to grow their company and to have co-invested with the Development Bank of Wales.

“Trameto is also being supported by the AgorIP programme. AgorIP, with the help of Swansea University, Welsh Government and EU structural funds, helps progress new ideas through experimental and industrial development, demonstrating proof of concept to potential funders and attracting further investment”.

What is AgorIP?

AgorIP is £13.5million EU-supported Swansea University project which brings together academics, NHS staff and businesses to realise the potential of new technologies, develop ideas and research and help make them a commercial success. Hosted at the School of Management on the 1st floor, the AgorIP team is headed up by Dr Gerry Ronan, Swansea University’s Head of Commercial Services. The team  works with the NHS and industrial collaborators across North and West Wales and the South Wales Valleys to help turn innovative research into new products, processes and services.

The project is backed by £6.7m from the Welsh Government, including support from the European Regional Development Fund and funding from Swansea University. 

 Dr Gerry Ronan said, “This project will support the transformation of research with the potential for commercialisation in universities and health boards. As part of the AgorIP project, commercial sector experts will help progress new ideas through experimental and industrial development, demonstrating proof of concept to potential funders and attracting further research investment".

AgorIP was piloted through the Welsh Government’s Academia for Business project, which was supported by the EU funding programme 2007-13. AgorIP secured £4m of private sector funding to create six spin-outs within a year. This project will build on this first phase, opening up a pipeline of untapped research and turning innovative ideas into products and services for the commercial market. 

If you would like to talk to the AgorIP team about your idea, commercialising your research, protecting your IP, or help to get your invention, product or idea market ready – call into the AgorIP office on the first floor of SoM or email

posted on 18 Dec 2017

We had a very busy morning at The Lamplighter in Bishopston with lots of lovely members of the community in attendance all eager to make positive changes to their community. 
We were extremely well looked-after by the lovely ladies of The Lamplighter with free-flowing tea and coffee and warm mince pies for those who wanted one.
We started off the event with a brief discussion about what we are hoping to achieve from the Swansea Rural Community Voice project and then jumped onto to start registering anyone who wasn't already signed-up, rating existing ideas and adding some new ones generated by our discussions.
We had a good chat about the best ways to raise awareness of the project in the ward and to encourage members of the community to take part.
I can't wait for the next session in January. We'll be back at The Lamplighter at 11am on Wednesday January 3rd - please come and say hello! 

posted on 16 Dec 2017

What a lovely warm welcome we received from the lovely ladies at Pennard library, the tea and coffee were flowing, a most generous member of the community had donated a fabulous home made cake to the event and members of the community arrived to communicate - ticking all our boxes!

I was joined by members of the community who were already using, those who had been online and felt they wanted some support to use it and also people who were interested in finding out more - we also roped in unsuspecting visitors to the library. 

We had a great morning, with people registering for the first time and getting involved, rating and debating ideas already being discussed and inputting excellent ideas of their own. We also had very interesting conversations around the ideas on the platform and ways to make them become a reality.

Great stuff Penard! See you in Monday January 29th at 10am for our next Coffee, Cake & Communicate!

posted on 16 Dec 2017

The School's Careers Team hosted another Student Networking Event last month in the Great Hall. 

More than 50 companies ranging from local SMEs to bigger national companies gathered to help first year students link with potential employers. Morwenna Tyler, from the Careers Team, said: “We had 141 students and 50 business delegates attend the event. It was standing room only in the Great Hall gallery and it was fantastic for our students to be able to speak with our industry partners in a relaxed and supportive environment.

"Employers such as Admiral, ACCA, NHS Wales, Dr Organics and The Wave all took part. It was our most successful networking event yet.”

The Careers Team also held mock interviews for students last month. Martyn Hughes, from the JobCentre, took part in the event and said: “We were very impressed by the quality of the students who attended for mock interviews on  November 21. The students are a credit to the School of Management and I am pretty sure they will have no difficulty in securing employment on completion of studies.”

posted on 12 Dec 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended last week’s Staff Celebrations in the Atrium. It was great to see so many colleagues from every department and team attending what was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. 

New Associate Head of School Peter Mannion hosted our very first “awards” where staff were recognised for going the extra mile over the past 12 months. Winners included: Mark Johncock, Kim Howell, Gethin Jones, Shanaz Rahman, Amelia McNally, Charlie Cocks, Saphia Akbari, Gaynor Parry, Sue Hind, Dan Keane, Emma James, Janet Collins, Amy Genders, Dave Wilde, Suki Collins, Andre Chavez, Prof Mike Sullivan,  Sophie Day, Prof Nick Rich, Alan Price, Prof Sasha Talavera and Dr Cara Reed.

posted on 12 Dec 2017

Your student representatives met with Baxter Storey to discuss the fantastic ideas you've provided us on My Voice since it's launch.

We are super excited to announce that Baxter Storey are now serving toast at most of their food outlets in the mornings! Please ask a member of the catering staff for toast if you don't see it displayed.
My Voice - Toast

posted on 5 Dec 2017

The Students' Association have met with the Estates and Facilities Department to discuss some of the ideas that have been put forward on My Voice. 

Did you know that you can charge any of your personal devices by using the plug sockets (if available) or use your own USB cable in a ThinClient! 
My Voice - Charging Devices

posted on 5 Dec 2017

For Topics, Ideas & Comments
How to view topics, rate, comment, reply and add your own ideas - VocalEyes Video Tutorial

posted on 3 Dec 2017

We've just released a "Transactions" function on Budgets so you can now add Income & Expenses to your budgets - whether they are allocated funds or actual amounts - should come in handy for open and transparent participatory budgeting if you have budgets that require public/member engagement.

Learn more about VocalEyes features and case studies here:

posted on 28 Nov 2017

We're using this lovely online democracy tool internally, to see how it might work for causes using Dignity.

posted on 19 Nov 2017

Our first engagement event is coming to Pennard on Monday 27th at 10 am. Coffee and Tea will be provided by the lovely ladies at the Library and VocalEyes will provide the cake. All you need to bring is your voice! This is set to be a regular gathering at the library on a monthly basis. We will be skipping December as it's so busy but we will return in January and every month from then on! 
Looking forward to seeing you there!

posted on 18 Nov 2017

Well October has come and gone along with our extra hour of daylight! I’ve had a great month meeting lots of new people in Pennard, Bishopston and Gower Wards. I’ve also been working closely with Gower Unearthed on our tree-planting project.


Last month, top of the list of Pennard Priorities was to plant a tree to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passing of Vernon Watkins. While investigeting the feasibility of this idea I discovered that both Pennard Primary and Pennard Library both also celebrate a 50th anniversary this year. With this in mind, we approached both the school and library to suggest we combine all three, strengthening the links between Vernon, the village and literacy. Both were really happy to be part of a great project and so our tree is to be planted on November 30th outside Pennard Primary School where all members of the community or visitors can pop along to have a look. The tree has been kindly donated by Pennard Stores and the plaque will be supplied by the Gower Landscape Partnership. In order to ensure the children at Pennard Primary understand the signficance of the tree planting, Gower Unearthed will also be running workshops with the children, bringing the work of our famous poet to life. It really is a great example of people working together to make a positive change in their community.


I have spent time in Bishopston this month, working with residents and local Councillor Lyndon Jones on how to improve the playground facilities for children in Bishopston ward. There are two playgrounds in Bishopston and both are in a poor state of repair. The Community Council are applying for grant funding to improve the situation but alongside this, a group of residents are very keen to help them to achieve their goals. Watch this space for news on progress!


Ever been sat somewhere on Gower and thought what a great place it is to lie back and look at the stars? Well hopefully, you will soon be able to do this at Rhossili. As a result of an idea straight from the project, Rhossili is set to apply for official dark sky status and host its own fantastic stargazing event. The funding application has been sent in so fingers crossed for a positive outcome and the first of many such events at Rhossili.


We’ve only been running for four very short months and already so many positive projects are happening in wards where residents are using to rate and debate ideas for positive change in their communities. Register now to make a difference to your community!

posted on 7 Nov 2017

The School’s Athena SWAN web page officially went live on Wednesday 25th October and is viewable here:

The page gives a brief overview of what the School is working towards, links to useful related information, the graphic content for this year’s International Women’s Day “pledge” campaign, future upcoming events as well as a section dedicated to staff commitments towards our Athena SWAN activities and agenda. 

The School will be applying for the Bronze award in 2018 and we would like to encourage colleagues to actively participate in one of the four working groups. Please contact Emma Lydiard-Jenkins ( or Dr Katrina Pritchard ( ) for further information.

posted on 7 Nov 2017

*Promoting student enterprise, second year Business Management student / entrepreneur Jackson Pickard and his oxygenated fruit-drink business OxyOse are featured in this Wales Online article.

*The Placements team are promoting a year abroad option to 2nd year students. Students have the option to study a year at an international partner institution during their 3rd year of studies on a 4-year undergraduate degree. Support from colleagues, particularly those who are academic mentors, would be appreciated. For more information please email

*The newly remodelled student common room on the ground floor of the building opened for student access on October 30th. The space now has vending machines, a sink area, woodland theme graphics on the walls, vinyl flooring and still has plenty of group work space and comfortable seating. The common room was remodelled after engaging directly with the students to see what they wanted from the space and will hopefully become a warm, welcoming and highly used space that our students will look forward to visiting.

*Thanks to our colleagues in the Swansea Employability Academy, 10 School of Management students were given the opportunity to attend the L’Oreal LockIn event. This was the first time that L’Oreal has brought their student recruitment events to Swansea University, something that would not have happened without a Swansea University student making such a positive impression on their placement with the company last year as well as us now being 13th in the league tables for graduate outcomes. Our students conducted themselves exceptionally well and represented SoM in the best possible light, showing off their presentation skills, professionalism and networking abilities.

posted on 7 Nov 2017

Research Excellence:

Research by Professor Sasha Talavera, and PhD student Tho Pham from the School of Management, in collaboration with Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Professor at University of California, Berkeley, suggests that information automated software agents or "bots" were used to spread either "leave" or "remain" social media stories during and after the Brexit referendum which drove the two sides of the debate further apart. This research has been picked up by the media and Sasha and Tho have been interviewed by the following media outlets: BBC England, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland, Bloomberg, Reuters, NY Times, NPR, The Economist, Business Insider, Dutch Public Broadcaster, AFP, Washington Post, The Guardian and Wall Street Journal. For more information click here.

Professor Nick Rich has had his 4* paper, which will support a REF impact case study, entitled The Social Benefits Of Kaizen Initiatives In Healthcare: An Empirical Study accepted for publication.

Professor Nick Rich has had his 4* paper, which will support a REF impact case study, entitled The Social Benefits Of Kaizen Initiatives In Healthcare: An Empirical Study accepted for publication.

The Paper, Discrimination, social capital, and financial constraints: The case of Viet Nam by Professor Sasha Talavera and Tho Pham (School of Management PhD student) has been accepted for publication by World Development (3* ABS). This research was supported by UNU-WIDER Research Grant.
Dr Nick Hajli and his colleague Professor Mauricio S. Featherman from Washington State University, USA, have published an editorial article for their special issue of The impact of new ICT technologies and its applications on health service development and management at Technological Forecasting & Social Change (ABS 3*).

Dr Nick Hajli has published the following  paper in collaboration with colleagues at St. Edward's University, Texas and Southwestern University in Texas: Debra Zahy-Blatz, Nick Hajli, Debika Sihi, Managerial Perspectives on Crowdsourcing in the New Product Development Process, Industrial Marketing Management (ABS 3*).

Dr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi have had the following 2* paper accepted for publication: Algharabat R, AlAlwan A, Rana NP, & Dwivedi YK  (2017), The Effect of Telepresence, Social Presence and Involvement on Consumer Brand Engagement: An Empirical Study of Non-Profit Organizations, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services [Ranking: ABS: 2; ABDC: A; SNIP: 1.745; CiteScore: 3.35]

Professor Alan Hawkes has been working with Dr Maggie Chen (formerly of Swansea SoM but now in Cardiff Mathematics Department), Professor Enrico Scalas and Mailan Trinh at Sussex University, and three colleagues at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, USA. The following papers have been accepted to appear in a special issue of the journal Quantitative Finance, dedicated to the subject of “Hawkes processes in Finance”, due to appear in February 2018.

  • Professor Alan Hawkes, Hawkes processes and their applications to finance: a review
  • J.M. Chen, A.G. Hawkes, E. Scalas M. Trinh, Performance of information criteria for selection of Hawkes process models of financial data
  • J.M. Chen, A.G. Hawkes, K. Khashanah, A slightly depressing jump model: Intraday volatility pattern simulation
  • S.Y. Yang, A. Liu, J.M. Chen, and A.G. Hawkes, Applications of a multivariate Hawkes process to joint modeling of sentiment and market return events

Dr Frederic BoyProfessor Marc Clement and a research team from Swansea University have had a paper accepted for publication in Experimental Brain Research (IF = 1.96), Acute and Repetitive Fronto-cerebellar tDCS Stimulation Improves Mood in Non-Depressed Participant.
Dr Carl Cater has had a new book chapter published on Marine and Coastal Tourism in the book 
Marine and Coastal Resource Management, Principles and Practice. Edited by David R. Green, Jeffrey L. Payne (Routledge).

Dr Gareth DaviesProfessor Marc ClementDr Louisa Huxtable-ThomasSian Roderick, Bjorn RoddeJayne Daniels and Professor Paul Hannon all contributed to a chapter in Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions: Delivering on the UNESCO 2013 Beijing Declaration on Building Learning Cities published by Springer.
Professor Yogesh Dwivedi and Dr Nripendra Rana have the following peer-reviewed journal article accepted: Roy, P.K., Ahmad, Z., Singh, J.P., Alryalat, M.A.A., Rana, N.P., Dwivedi, Y.K. (2017), 
Finding and ranking high-quality answers in Community Question Answering sites, Forthcoming in Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management
Professor Yaw Debrah has had the following book chapters published:
  • Developing Strategic International Human Resource Capabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa, in Machado, C. F. (ed.) International Human Resource Management. London: Springer, (with Osabutey, E.; Nyuur, R. B.)
  • Emerging Global Firms: Insights from Chinese Multinationals in Africa, in Nwankwo, S. and Ibeh, K. (eds) The Routledge Companion to Business in Africa, New York: Routledge, (with Amankwah-Amoah, J.)
  • Reconstructing CSR in the Construction Industry, in Machado, C.F. (ed) CSR in Management and Engineering, Rivers Publishers: Aalborg-Denmark (with K. Dartey-Baah and K. Amponsah-Tawiah). Forthcoming
  • Human Capital Development, Innovation and International Competitiveness in sub-Saharan Africa, in  I. Adeleye and Esposito, M (eds) Africa’s Competitiveness in a Global Economy, London, Palgrave (with Raphael Oseghale and K. Adams). Forthcoming.
  • Training and Development: Developing Global Leaders and Expatriates, in Harzing, A. and  Pennington, A.H. (eds) International HRM (5th edition) London: Sage ( with Pennington, A.H., Chris Rees and Raphael Oseghale). Forthcoming
  • Global Talent Management in Machado, C.F. and Davim, P (eds) Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, London: Springer (with Raphael Oseghale and John Mulyata). Forthcoming

Professor Sasha Talavera’s (Accounting and Finance/Hawkes Centre for Empirical Research) work Board age diversity, directors' personal values, and bank performance co-authored with Shuxing Yin (Sheffield) and Mao Zhang (Sheffield) has been accepted for publication in International Review of Financial Analysis (3* ABS).

Professor Sasha Talavera presented a paper, Social media and public opinions: Evidence from #Brexit and #USElection, jointly written with Yuriy Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley) and Tho Pham (School of Management PGR student) at the 15th Annual Media Economics Workshop in Barcelona.
Professor Nick Rich and Helen Howson of the Bevan Academy presented the evaluation report for the Bevan Exemplar programme to the efficiency committee (headed by Andrew Goodall) and it was very well received. They are working on the evaluation of cohort two.

School of Management PGR student Kuttimani TamilmaniDr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi have the following peer-reviewed journal article accepted: Tamilmani, K., Rana, N., Alryalat, M.A., Al-Khowaiter, W., Dwivedi, Y.K.  (2017), Social Media Research in the Context of Emerging Markets: An Analysis of Extant Literature from Information Systems Perspective, Journal of Advances in Management Research.

Dr Kim Cuong Ly's (Accounting and Finance department) work, co-authored with the others, entitled Future directions in International Financial Integration Research - A crowdsourced perspective has been published in International Review of Financial Analysis (3* ABS).

Professor Yogesh DwivediDr Nripendra Rana and School of Management PGR students Kuttimani Tamilmani and Pushp Patil have had a paper accepted in a ABS 3* journal. This work was conducted in collaboration with one of our former students Dr Kawal Kapoor from Brunel University London and Professor Sridhar Nerur from the University of Texas at Arlington: Kapoor, K.K., Tamilmani, K., Rana, N.P., Patil, P., Dwivedi, Y.K. and Nerur, S. (2017), Advances in Social Media Research: Past, Present and Future. Information Systems Frontiers [Ranking: ABS-3*, ABDC-A, Impact Factor-2.521, SNIP: 1.284].

Dr Mina Tajvidi and Dr Nick Hajli have published the following paper in an ABS 3* journal: Mina Tajvidi, Yichuan Wang, Nick Hajli, Peter ED. Love, Brand Value Co-creation in Social Commerce: The Role of Interactivity, Social Support, and Relationship Quality, Computers in Human Behavior (ABS 3*).

Professor Yogesh Dwivedi and Dr Nripendra Rana have had the following paper accepted for publication: Shareef, M.A., Mukerji, B., Dwivedi, Y.K., Rana, N.P., and Islam, R.  (2018), Social Media Marketing: Comparative Effect of Advertisement Sources. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (forthcoming). [Ranking: ABS: 2; ABDC: A; SNIP: 1.745; CiteScore: 3.35]

Dr Rob Bowen presented a paper at the annual conference for the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) in Belfast. The paper was entitled: Location Effects on Agri-food SME Internationalisation: Comparing Wales and Brittany. Dr Rob Bowen was also co-author on another paper presented at the conference by Wyn Morris from Aberystwyth University: Product Differentiation and Access to Markets: A stakeholder perspective of Welsh Lamb
Recent research on self-employment, financial development and well-being by Professor Sasha Talavera (AF, Hawkes Centre), Tho Pham (AF PhD Student) and Mao Zhang (Sheffield) was highlighted by web-site, a leading internet media outlet in Ukraine.

Both Dr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi were invited to attend a Newton Fund Researcher Links Workshop on “Developing an agenda for FinTech research in emerging economies”, which was jointly organised by Loughborough University and University of Malaya. The workshop was held from 31 October – 2 November 2017 at Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Professor Dwivedi delivered the following two invited (as a mentor) talks in this workshop: (1) A Profile of current FinTech research; and (2) Structuring and writing a research article: guidance for FinTech researchers. Both Dr Rana and Professor Dwivedi also chaired sessions and contributed to an interactive panel on “Navigating academic careers in Malaysia and UK – challenges and opportunities”. The workshop provided an ideal opportunity to collect data for developing a direction setting research article on this theme, which they intend to do (within next few months) jointly with Professor MN Ravishankar from Loughborough University.

Research Training:

University staff involved in research must complete the University’s new mandatory requirements for online research integrity training. Please ensure that if you are involved in research that you complete this training by the end of November 2017. For those who have not yet enrolled, please go to and log in to ABW. From there, you will be able to select one of the Research Integrity courses best suited to your discipline and/or research interests. Once line manager approval is obtained, the training may be completed via Blackboard.

Any queries, please contact

REF Impact Case Studies:

Please can all research staff who think that they may have an impact case study they want to put forward and they’d like to discuss it before we submit it to the 2018 Mini Ref, to please contact Louisa Huxtable-Thomas either by email (, phone (2621) or come to room 301.

REMINDER: If you have research updates that you would like to be included in this bulletin, please send to Amy Jones at We want to recognise all successes.

posted on 6 Nov 2017

Welcome to our new starters:

The following new Professional Services members of staff have joined the School: 

*Carys Evans – Student Mobility Coordinator

*Laura Wood - Project Assistant, Morgan Academy 

*Suki Collins – Student Experience Officer

*Sally Thurlow – Marketing Manager

*Kat Jennings – Academic Services Administrator

*Charlotte Crumpler – Student Mobility Co-ordinator

*David Huggleston – Programme Administrator

*Dr Roderick Thomas has recently been appointed to the Board at the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), Savoy Place London, for a term of three years, sitting on the  Registration and Standards Committee (R&SC). At this institution, Roderick is also Fellow Assessor and Academic Accreditation Assessor for University Degrees leading to Chartered status.

*Dr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi have been invited by JSC "National Centre of Science and Technology Evaluation", Kazakhstan, to review their funding grant proposals.

*Professor Yogesh Dwivedi has been contacted by Global R&D Cooperation Team of The National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea to provide views on global research trends and joint research topics. Written advisory response from Professor Dwivedi will be directly distributed to Korean research professionals interested in global joint research. The Nation Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), one of representative research management institutions in Korea, provides supports for public research & development activities and training programs (

*Dr Hany Abel-Latif has been invited to participate in a policy conference on "Arab oil exporters: Coping with a new global oil order", which is jointly organised by the Economic Research Forum (ERF) and Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD). The conference will take place in Kuwait on November 26-27, 2017.

*Professor Yogesh Dwivedi will be co-chairing an international conference on “Smart working, living and organising” with Professor Deborah Bunker from University of Sydney Business School and Professor David Wastell from Nottingham University Business School, which will be held on 25th June 2018 in Portsmouth.

*Professor Nick Rich has been reappointed as Associate Editor of the International Journal of Operations & Production Management looking at all papers submitted and concerning operational excellence and lean systems. This is one of only two 4 star journals in operations management globally.

*Professor Nick Rich has joined the Health Foundation Review panel concerning knowledge transfer from the Virginia Mason healthcare organisation (USA) and the English NHS.

*Rebekah Mannion and Professor Nick Rich have supported the ISO and BSI committees looking at healthcare standards. 

*Daf Turner has won an award for Effective Marketing Partnership alongside colleagues in Estates, CoAH and ISS at this year’s Marketing Conference.

*We are delighted to hear Carl Cater and his family have welcomed a new baby boy! We would like to send Junior Carl and his family our best wishes and love. 

*Dr Adam Shore will be leaving Swansea University in early December to take up a new post as Director Academic – Liverpool Business School at Liverpool John Moores University. To say farewell to Adam join us on Friday, November 24 from 5pm in the No Sign Wine Bar.

*Andre Chavez, a new member of the SIO Programme Admin Team, has been successful in his application for Erasmus Mundus funding to look at best practice for student support and welcome activities. Phil Brophy, Head of SIO, said "It is quite unusual for someone in Andre’s role to receive this kind of funding. He will visit Universitat Politecnica De Valencia in Spain to collaborate with academic college counterparts to share best practice."

If you have any news you would like to share please email

posted on 6 Nov 2017

The School  of Management and a shipping firm have announced their plans to collaborate on a unique online platform. Idwal Marine, which is part of the Welsh 100-year old Graig Shipping PLC, launched in 2016 to service the needs of the global merchant shipping industry in the digital age.

Idwal Marine, a specialist ship inspection company with offices in Cardiff and Shanghai, and with over 150 marine surveyors & specialists located globally, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the School of Management to develop the world’s first online ship inspection platform. The firm is now working with the university to grow the platform with a fully funded PhD scholarship based at the School being offered.

Professor Marc Clement said the new collaboration was exciting for the school and part of its wider plans to link the institution to a range of commercial partners. Professor Clement said:

“We are well placed to deliver collaborative solutions by drawing on its strong track record of teaching research and innovation. Research carried out by Idwal Marine demonstrates the current spend on ship inspections is circa $600m per annum highlighting a significant sector-specific business opportunity. The School is delighted to be able to work with commercial partners across a variety of sectors to deliver impact through research, enterprise and innovation.
“This is a disruptive and innovative platform technology business positioned within a major global industry. This collaboration with Idwal Marine fits with the School’s aims to embed the world of business into our ecosystem in order to optimise sustainable value creation. We also aspire to educate our students in new ways which are relevant to today and tomorrow.
“We are looking for a PhD candidate who is technologically-savvy, possesses a deep interest in the emergence of platform business model, lean start-up concepts and their global economic impact to work with the university and Idwal Marine.” generates instant quotations for several types of ship inspections in hundreds of ports around the world. The aim is to streamline the process of obtaining inspection quotations and enable instant purchasing, which triggers an automated process of surveyor booking, and internal workflow that leads to generation of a standardised high-quality report for the client.

Idwal Director Nick Owens said:
“Clients can track progress of their surveys, access and share quotations and reports, manage their portfolio of vessels and benefit from a host of industry-specific tools, and value-added services. The platform has already had a great reception from clients, including the most demanding and valuable banking sector. Creating this easy access online ship inspections platform was a logical step to unlock our further growth capability. We are delighted to be working with one of Wales’s top universities to grow this project. The School has a track record of partnering with the private sector to drive forward research and innovation."
Graig Shipping’s Commercial Director Chris Williams added that the development of the platform was part of their group’s culture of finding innovative ways to grow their business. He said:
“Graig’s culture is to be innovative and partnership-minded. This collaboration between Swansea University, and Idwal Marine into the platform, is proof of that. It will also allow us to undertake extensive market research into the size, scope and psychology of maritime professionals and businesses immersed in the industry.”
Professor Clement added:
“To remain relevant we all must embrace change and constantly seek better ways of doing business, Idwal Marine’s new platform is a great example of innovation in the digital sector."

posted on 2 Nov 2017

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David has launched a new short course that has been designed as an introduction to the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. 

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act of 2015 is the first of its kind in the World, where the Well-being of Future Generations is considered at the heart of Welsh Government decision making. In the Act, Sustainable Development means the process of improving the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales by taking actions, aimed at achieving seven well-being goals.

The certificate has been led by Dr Carolyn Hayles, Academic Lead for INSPIRE and developed by a team of academics from the University.

Available to any student or staff member interested in understanding more about Sustainable Development and the WFGA, the shape and delivery of the Certificate has been devised for on-line learning and is similar to the delivery model used when developing content for a MOOC. There are 8 ten-minute videos describing the Sustainable Development or Well-being Goals (including 1 introductory session). Each unit comes with further reading, case studies, websites resources, a quiz and questions for the online discussion forum.

posted on 30 Oct 2017