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We recently received an idea on My Voice about the charges that have been imposed on the cash machine in the college. We have spoken to our Estates team who have provided us with a statement about the chargeable bank machine.
The charges were introduced by the operator Cashzone due to a cut in the fee operators receive from banks. The College does not receive any money from Cashzone for the ATM and the introduction of the charges were outwith our control.

 In order for the withdrawal fee to be removed we need to average 1800 transactions per month for a 12 month period. From 01/08/18 - 31/07/19 we only averaged 1200 transactions per month and from 01/08/19 to date we have only averaged 407.

We are likely to see a further reduction in the number of ATM's in the high street as people are moving away from cash payment. The college offer contactless/chip and pin in all catering outlets throughout the college.

We really tried to have the fees removed, but unfortunately they were introduced across the UK as a whole by the ATM operators. We will continue to work to find a solution to change this in the future.


Categories: Featured, posted on 14 Nov 2019

Today in this school council meeting we have made some posters for children in need. It is going to be on the 15th of November 2019. There is a raffle (winners get chocolate and/or sweets). We have also decided that we need to wear yellow because Pudsey bear is yellow.

posted on 8 Nov 2019

The College has been working hard with the local Foodbanks to provide those who live in unfortunate conditions. Currently, the Foodbanks are very low on volunteers for this Festive period, so we are helping if you, the student, would help in volunteering their time to help. 

The Gorseinon Foodbank at the Gorseinon Institute - Lime St, Gorseinon, Swansea SA4 4EE will be open on the Dec 5th, 12th and 19th 9.45-12:00 or thereabout depending on circumstances. They are particularly short of volunteers on the 19th but any help would be much appreciated.

If you're wondering for more information or about other locations have a look at the link here:

Locations: Red Café – Mumbles, Ty Croeso - Clydach, St Stephen’s Church - Port Tennant, City Church – Dyfatty, Lifepoint Church – City Centre.

posted on 7 Nov 2019

If you are a class rep then we have great news for you. The new Student Union Management Group is accepting applications. If you attended the class rep meeting then you would know about the goodies that we give you for being a part of it. All class reps have been invited to the Microsoft Teams Page called the Student Union. There you will find all the relevant information you need about the Student Union Management Group. Just click on the Student Union Management Group Channel to get this information.

I wish you good luck on the application,
Student Union President
Laimis Lisauskas

posted on 22 Oct 2019

Today we have been agreeing and disagreeing for the students ideas and a teacher from Windsor Clive called Miss Owen and she came to Mount Stuart Primary to learn about VocalEyes. We have emailed a company to term our rights mascot in to a cuddly toy.

posted on 11 Oct 2019