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The pupil toiilets on the first floor have, for many years, had taps which simply haven't worked properly. Over the years, they have been assessed many times, but with no success.  Pupils have not been able to wash their hands properly.  
We raised this as an idea on Vocal Eyes, and things started to change!  Pupil Voice was being listened to, and because of this, the work was finally completed, and the taps now work properly.  

Categories: Ideas into Action, posted on 19 Dec 2019

Group XR Swansea

Outside the Guildhall in Swansea - Along with many XR groups around the country we will be marking the anniversary of the first Declaration of rebellion by reading out a ReDeclaration of Rebellion. We will be letting the government, and Swansea County Council, know that they must ACT NOW. Please come with colourful flags and banners and add your voice.

Categories: Featured, posted on 13 Dec 2019

Re-declaration of Rebellion - Extinction Rebellion (XR) Swansea

There has been a huge rise in voting registration. What a success. We urge students to do some research on their favourite party and other parties to see which party would suit you best! We recommend having a look at the summarised versions of the parties' manifestos. YouTube is an excellent place to find just that. We would recommend staying away from what political parties tell you and do your own independent research on it as the parties will try to get you to vote for them. In the 2017 election, if all the people who didn't vote created their own party, then this party would be the biggest party in Westminster and it would be the party in power. So let's make sure that your voice is represented, vote on the 12th.

Student Union President,
Laimis Lisauskas

posted on 28 Nov 2019

Pennard Community Council have been awarded funding by the Rural Development Partnership to carry out a feasibility study into a Community Hub on Pennard Playing field.

The idea came from and had support via VocalEyes and the Council agreed to use some of the 2018/19 £5000 budget allocated to ideas from this community engagement platform as match-funding.

The Community Council went out to tender and appointed a contractor at their November meeting to deliver the study.

Further community engagement on this idea will be taking place over the coming months so watch out for public meeting announcements if you would like to have your voice heard.

Categories: Ideas into Action, posted on 20 Nov 2019

Following on from the Council's Climate and Ecological Emergency declaration in May, the Council have worked with residents to produce an action plan for 2020.

The plan will soon be available for download from the Council website along with a pledge card for residents to identify any changes they are currently making to improve their carbon footprint and make pledges to move these actions forward during the period of the plan.

In order for the actions in the plan to be realised, the Community Council will be looking for interested residents to support the Council in realising this year's plan and producing one for the following year.

posted on 20 Nov 2019