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We are very excited to announce our new Vocaleyes Platform. This is a place for students to get involved with projects, ideas and discuss any issues that you think we need to address. This is YOUR platform.

We are excited to tell you about our Project Green! This SA project will highlight Sustainability and Climate Change on and off Campus, and encourage you all to get involved. Our planet is in crisis, and it will impact us all. This is our future, and our children's future. We need to make a change!

Come and see us in the SA to get involved.. check out the noticeboards for any updates too. 
Stay safe :) 

posted on 27 Jan 2020

Your Student Union Management Group have listened to your views and have now a substantial fund (up to £15,000 ) to spend on issues that are prominent to you as students.


From taking on your feedback on the 8 ways to having your say we have discussed purchasing the following:

1)      Free Breakfast for a term

2)      Charging ports in common spaces

3)      Subsidised food – i.e. meal deal (£1)example.

4)      Water fountains

5)      Free stationary set for students

6)      Free metal / water bottles

Any other suggestions – these need to be  commented on below by Friday 31st January 2020.

We would like you to vote on the above suggestions to spend the money.

Each of the above will be put down as a motion on Vocal Eyes, all you have to do is vote for which you would prefer the money to be spent on.

Categories: Featured, posted on 23 Jan 2020

Mark Drakeford is coming to our school soon! Though he is actually only coming to discuss finance with Mrs James, he will have time to talk to certain members of the School Council about cheese and crackers coming back. We will keep you updated and try our best to get cheese and crackers back.

Categories: Featured, posted on 14 Jan 2020

Group XR Swansea
Also we would like to say a great big massive humongous ginormous THANK YOU to those who organised and came to our fundraiser at the Elysium Bar on 20th December! I can reveal during that fantastic shindig we raised....... £948.50 for XR Swansea!!! WOW people!!! This is such a boost for us - thank you ever so much for this heartwarming leg up.

Big huge thank you to Elysium Bar for providing the venue for free. To the amazing bands CopperCaille and the Balkaneers for organising the event and playing for free.
To Michelle Huggins for all her hard work raising the gifts for the auction. To everyone who donated gifts for the auction and raffle. To Lisa Harley and Kira for calling the auction. And to everybody who came and supported and put some money in the donations box.

Categories: Featured, posted on 20 Dec 2019

There will be new bike shelters coming very soon!  Thank you Mrs James!

posted on 19 Dec 2019