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Hand sanitizers are now available and filled. Please use this to keep yourself clean.

The automatic door in Gorseinon has now been fixed and fully functional.

posted on 13 Mar 2020

The Student Union
Election opens on Monday 16th March.  

There will be nomination/application forms available to pick up from your campus reception areas. 

The nomination period is from Monday the 16th to Thursday 26th March. 

If you are interested in running please hand in your nomination form to your campus reception area or the enrichment office in Tycoch. 

Good luck and happy campaigning! 

Categories: Featured, posted on 13 Mar 2020

The College has listened to your views and through numerous channels I.E Student Management Group and Vocal eyes and we are delighted to tell you we are now able to increase our vegan offerings. As well as the standard vegan options available our catering manager has put in place a new call to order system to minimise on waste. You simply request a vegan option to the catering staff and they will be able to prepare you a vegan meal. (as it will be cooked to order there will be a slight wait). 

There was also a request for more vegan snack and sweet options and we now have an additional vegan snack bar being sold across campus and Vegan Magnum Ice creams are also available.

We see this as a brilliant and positive start top improving our catering offerings and want to thank everyone for your comments and suggestions to make this happen. 

Categories: Featured, Ideas into Action, posted on 27 Feb 2020

For only £1.50 get yourself a Grab & Go pasta pot. These pots are available from Monday - Thursday and they are fully Vegetarian & Vegan.

This option has been requested often and we are really glad to be bringing this to you. We are constantly improving the service at the college and through the help of VocalEyes and talking to you all we are going far. Let's keep this up.

Student Union President
Laimis Lisauskas

posted on 17 Feb 2020

Voting for the student fund ended last week and was concluded at the Class Representative meeting on Friday. 

Thank you everyone who participated in the vote it's fantastic to see such high levels of engagement, with over 1000 votes cast.

We are excited to announce that the item with the most votes winning over 50% of all votes cast was for subsidised food/ meal deals. 

Over the next few weeks the college management team will be working alongside the catering manager to implement these changes. 

Once more just a massive thank you for your participation - we're so excited to have YOU the student a part of making decisions that effect the student body. 

posted on 10 Feb 2020