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For only £1.50 get yourself a Grab & Go pasta pot. These pots are available from Monday - Thursday and they are fully Vegetarian & Vegan.

This option has been requested often and we are really glad to be bringing this to you. We are constantly improving the service at the college and through the help of VocalEyes and talking to you all we are going far. Let's keep this up.

Student Union President
Laimis Lisauskas

posted on 17 Feb 2020

Voting for the student fund ended last week and was concluded at the Class Representative meeting on Friday. 

Thank you everyone who participated in the vote it's fantastic to see such high levels of engagement, with over 1000 votes cast.

We are excited to announce that the item with the most votes winning over 50% of all votes cast was for subsidised food/ meal deals. 

Over the next few weeks the college management team will be working alongside the catering manager to implement these changes. 

Once more just a massive thank you for your participation - we're so excited to have YOU the student a part of making decisions that effect the student body. 

posted on 10 Feb 2020

Hi all, I'm Amber and I'm the new VocalEyes Community Champion for Llansamlet. I'm looking forward to bringing lots of positive change to the Llansamlet Community. If you'd like to find out more, or get involved just get in touch!

Categories: Featured, posted on 7 Feb 2020

Functionality to assign Organisation Units to multiple ideas at one time. i.e. Assign "Campus A" to all ideas inside "Ideas to improve Campus A" Topic.

Simply click on "Assign" on the topic, it will open up a tab, select/deselect the relevant Org Units and the option to assign/unassign all ideas will appear. Once complete, check your ideas and all ideas should also be assigned correctly.

posted on 3 Feb 2020

Climate and Community are very busy clearing land for new trees for a hazel coppice on Mansel Green in Murton. Historically the land is grazing common land but the main road that cuts through Clyne Common has stopped the majority of animals grazing on Mansel Green for many years. Bramble and bracken took over and it was inaccessible apart from a few pathways through the undergrowth.Over the last year Climate and Community have removed bramble and bracken from many areas and grass has returned. They are planting many variety of trees and have pollarded the mature trees already growing there.

This is such a positive project with loads of ideas such as no-dig food growing and involving communities from Swansea. 
They have plans to create 7 areas of hazel coppice over the next 7 years. Coppiced wood is invaluable for building materials and for converting into bio-char to add to the soil. (The project is inspired by Ed Revill's growing project on South Gower and his biochar pioneering work). 

Tuesdays have now been set as a weekly workday. It would be great to have a large group of people working together and sharing food and conversation too. Car parking available across the road at Bishopston Community Centre or the number 14 bus from Swansea bus station takes you right there.

If you want to get involved please contact Bob and Jules on 07964 530436 or or Val on 07533 711 506.  Also if you know of any community groups that may be interested in participating, contact Jules and Bob. Volunteer expenses are provided plus unlimited cups of tea and coffee with biscuits!

Categories: Highlights, Featured, posted on 27 Jan 2020