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### Watch this informative video on what it takes to establish and run a Community Supported Agriculture project

Growing and supplying fresh, seasonal produce all year around, [Cae Tan]( is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project based on The Gower Peninsula in South Wales. They put together this 28 minute film as a guide to help provide information and advice to those looking to set-up their own CSA project.

Cae Tan offers training and volunteering opportunities to a range of groups and individuals, both living locally and welcoming visitors from across the world. Working with local schools, they raise awareness of sustainable farming while reconnecting young people to the land and their food. Discover more by visiting [Cae Tan’s website]( where they publish their [volunteering opportunities]( and provide in-depth information on their [education programme](
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Categories: Case Study, posted on 2 Nov 2021

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