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Sovereign's ‘Your Community Your Choice’ (YCYC) project is back for another year, and this time it’s open across all our Sovereign geography.

Got an idea for creating great outdoor spaces in your community?

If you're a Sovereign resident and have a project proposal, you can upload it to the YCYC group on the VocalEyes platform between 20 June and 1 August 2022.

Have your say on how £70K is spent on improving outside spaces.

Up to £10K is available for each winning project – they need to focus on one of the following areas:

  • Improving or creating green spaces (e.g. play or wellbeing spaces)

  • Growing Food (e.g. perhaps plant a community orchard or start an allotment)

  • Increasing biodiversity (e.g. building bug hotels or planting wildflower meadows)

All projects must:

  • Be taking place within Sovereign communities

  • Be led by a Sovereign resident and supported by residents of that community.

  • Have clear evidence that it’ll benefit Sovereign communities.

  • Start within 12 months of being awarded funding.

  • Cost no more than £10,000 inclusive of VAT.

  • Have the correct permissions to go ahead, e.g. permission to use the land for a community garden.

How to upload your project idea

Select the group and join as a member. Then, just submit your idea on the ideas tab, making sure you have a project title, a clear description and an eye-catching photo or video.

How Communities will work with you

Once you've submitted your idea, our experienced Community Development Officers (CDOs) will contact you to find out what support you need to make your idea a reality.

This could be supporting you to:

  • Get detailed quotes from our suppliers

  • Receive expert advice on things you'll need to consider

  • Understand if any permissions are needed

If your project doesn't win the vote, our CDOs will look at other ways you could find funding.

How to vote

Voting is easy – you just need to register to the group and rate the projects you like the most out of 5 stars.

Voting opens 15 August and closes 12 September 2022.

The more votes a project gets, the more likely it is to receive funding, so remember to share your favourite with everyone in your community!

Winners will be announced in October 2022.

Want to find out more?

For more information or if you have any other community projects for your area please email