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Swansea Rural Community Voice Project leader Susan met with Jason at Bont Elim Church yesterday to introduce him to rural voice and the VocalEyes platform. 
Seeing how the platform can help residents of all ages to come together to make positive changes in Pontarddulais, Jason was so enthused he couldn't contain himself! 

Can't wait to see how this works out - keep posted for updates!

posted on 12 Oct 2018

Today a group of year 7 form reps have been trained how to use Vocal eyes. They will now be able to help us expand it out to the rest of 208/19's yr7s.

posted on 11 Oct 2018

Young Human Rights Defenders in Wales and Scotland take part in historic web chat

2nd July 2018
Young Human Rights Defenders in Wales and Scotland take part in historic web chat

A significant moment in the development of democracy in Wales

The Occasion – a ‘DGD Hub’ – live discussion over video link about the role of children as human rights defenders in advance of the UN’s Day of General Discussion, scheduled to take place in Geneva on 28th September 2018.

The Participants – Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament and Children’s Parliament, and young people working on children’s human rights in Wales – including pupils from Pentrehafod School and Blackwood Comprehensive School and the Children’s Commissioners Young People’s Advisory Panel.

Two groups of young people meet, chat and create links. Happens all the time. What was so different about the web chat that took place on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th June 2018 that prompted Professor Jane Williams of the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law, Swansea, to make this observation?

Well, for a start, one of the groups of young people was sitting in a committee room in the National Assembly of Wales, Cardiff. The other in Scotland, at the Scottish Parliament. And while plenty of groups have taken part on plenty of web chats before, there was something very special about this one.

Secondly, not only the participants but the subject for discussion was significant. The web chat marked the first time that members of the Scottish Youth Parliament and Children’s Parliament, and young people working on children’s human rights in Wales had taken part in a DGD (Day of General Discussion) hub together

posted on 20 Sep 2018

The Children’s Legal Centre Wales is a Wales-wide, bilingual service providing information and access to legal advice for children and young people.

Our main aims are to

We also

  • Offer training and other help to schools, community groups and professionals
  • Organise conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Support networks that help spread knowledge about children’s human rights and the law in Wales.

We are based at Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law at Swansea University, alongside the Swansea Law Clinic and Law Wales Community Interest Company. We work together to deliver high quality and innovative services and promote the human rights of children and young people.

posted on 20 Sep 2018

Fortunately the work from Glyncollen can point the teachers in the right direction. Here the pupils have demonstrated their understanding of democracy, democratic values and democratic processes through their campaign to reduce plastic use in their school.

They now know who the head of Swansea Council is, whom their local councillor is, what ward they live in and how they can become participants in democracy now – these young people are therefore grappling with the issues Donaldson identified – ethical issues such as sustainability and social justice.

They have gained an ability to deal with these issues by becoming active citizens and in the process gained confidence in their capacity to exert influence in their own school and community. Donaldson would be proud!

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posted on 14 Sep 2018

Glynncollen primary school ended the academic year with a flourish! Having prioritised ‘reducing plastics’ in the school they orchestrated their campaign to change the way free milk is provided to the Foundation Phase in their school. Their simple plan was to ask the local authority to consider other ways of supplying the milk. Currently the milk is delivered in 150ml bottles. The young people want this to be changed to 2 litre bottles and for the milk to be dispensed into stainless steel bottles.

They wrote to the politicians in their local ward, local authority and Welsh Assembly. The Environment Minister, Hannah Blythyn, AM wrote to the children to congratulate them on their campaign and provided lots of advice on how they could continue their journey towards plastic-free.

The children themselves decided to raise money to buy the stainless steel bottles and will hold a sponsored walk in September to raise the money.

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posted on 14 Sep 2018

One of the challenges for schools wishing to put Pupil Voice into action is whether or not participation is authentic or merely tokenistic. In this blog we look at how children in Year 6 in Glyncollen Primary School took their highly rated ideas forward to research and action.

We went to see them near the end of term to find out about the journey they had been on. Our purpose was to capture their story to investigate plastic use in their school and to help the young people show how a commitment to participatory democracy had empowered them to be activists in their own communities.

Read more and watch this fantastic video..

posted on 29 Jul 2018

This week children, staff and parents at Burry Port Primary School made an important step towards improving the democratic culture of the school.

The children already use VocalEyes for Pupil Voice and these priorities now set the agenda for Student Council. Now it was a chance for the pupils to teach what they had learnt using Pupil Voice and show the parents how to log in and participate in Parent Voice.

Read more and watch the video

posted on 16 Jul 2018

On Tuesday the 19th of June we had a successful day at Burry Port Primary school launching VocalEyes with staff and pupils. The day started with assembly when the whole school got a chance to see the platform in action. Following this the School Council met to learn how to use the platform.

The School Council has representatives from Years 2-6, (aged 6-11) and they began by learning how to register on VocalEyes. This took a little time but as soon as everyone was signed in the fun began!

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posted on 20 Jun 2018

National Democracy week starts on Monday 2nd July, 2018, the 90th anniversary of the 1928 Equal Franchise Act which gave women the same voting rights as men. It is also the 20th anniversary of devolution in Wales. Devolution has not however, rejuvenated democracy in Wales. ‘Missing Voices’, from the Electoral Reform Society Cymru (2017) report that people are frustrated with the political system, know very little about the responsibilities of the Welsh Government and generally feel disengaged from politics.

This is even more serious amongst the under-25s where fewer that half voted compared to over 75% of those over 65 (ERSC, 2014). We think attention to participatory democracy in schools could put us on a different track and bring democracy alive in Wales.

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posted on 20 Jun 2018


Professor Peter.J. Sloane, Swansea University, Ian W. Li, University of Western Australia, Mark Harris, Curtin University have had their paper “Vertical, Horizontal and Residual Skills Mismatch in the Australian Graduate Labour Market’” accepted by the Economic Record.

Professor Sabur Mollah’s co-authored book (with Abul Hassan) has been accepted for publication by Palgrave Macmillan, the book is entitled Islamic Finance: Ethical Underpinnings, Products, and Institutions

Dr Sam Burville has had a publication accepted by the Journal of Small Business and Research Development, entitled Reconceptualising the Principles of Penrose’s (1959) Theory and the Resource Based View of the Firm: The Generation of a New Conceptual Framework

Dr. Wei Song has had a paper accepted for the 2018 Financial Management Association (FMA) Annual Meeting in San Diego, USA. The paper, " General managerial skills and corporate social responsibility", was co-authored with Jie Chen and Xicheng Liu

Dr Robert Bowen has had the following papers accepted for future conferences:

  • Digital divide: broadband access implications on agribusiness in rural Wales (WISERD annual conference, 17 July, University of South Wales, Pontypridd) co-authored with Wyn Morris (Aberystwyth University).
  • Food and Drink SME Internationalisation: Towards a Recipe for Success (ISBE annual conference, 7-8 November 2018, Birmingham)

Conference, Committee, Workshop and Seminar Invitations

On 17 April, Dr Robert Bowen presented a paper Consuming Place: Towards a regional logo for promoting Welsh food at the Corfu Symposium on Managing and Marketing Places held by the Institute of Place Management in Corfu, Greece.

Dr Bowen has also been invited to participate in an expert seminar on After Brexit: 10 Key Questions for Rural Policy in Wales, organized by the Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University and the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society/WISERD@Aberystwyth at Aberystwyth University on 3 May. He will be presenting and discussing his work on the impact of Brexit on the food and craft industries in Wales, which is related to a paper he recently submitted to a 3* journal. Additionally, Dr Bowen has had two papers accepted for future conferences:

In April 2018, Professor Sabur Mollah presented a paper co-authored with Asma Mobarek and Marc Goergen at the British Accounting and Finance Association Annual Meeting in London. The paper was entitled Board Quality and Stock Return Synchronicity in Large Banks

Furthermore, Professor Mollah has also had a paper accepted paper for the Financial Management Association (FMA) International Conference Annual Meeting in San Diego, USA. The paper was co-authored with Asma Mobarek, and Eva Liljeblom, and is entitled Does Independent Director or Independent Director’s Quality Matter for Bank Performance?

posted on 5 Jun 2018

Single Sign On (SSO) access via SharePoint within Office365 is now available. For installation details click here

posted on 2 Jun 2018

Research Excellence:

Research by Professor Sasha Talavera, and PhD student Tho Pham from the School of Management, in collaboration with Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Professor at University of California, Berkeley, suggests that information automated software agents or "bots" were used to spread either "leave" or "remain" social media stories during and after the Brexit referendum which drove the two sides of the debate further apart. This research has been picked up by the media and Sasha and Tho have been interviewed by the following media outlets: BBC England, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland, Bloomberg, Reuters, NY Times, NPR, The Economist, Business Insider, Dutch Public Broadcaster, AFP, Washington Post, The Guardian and Wall Street Journal. For more information click here.

Professor Nick Rich has had his 4* paper, which will support a REF impact case study, entitled The Social Benefits Of Kaizen Initiatives In Healthcare: An Empirical Study accepted for publication.

Professor Nick Rich has had his 4* paper, which will support a REF impact case study, entitled The Social Benefits Of Kaizen Initiatives In Healthcare: An Empirical Study accepted for publication.

The Paper, Discrimination, social capital, and financial constraints: The case of Viet Nam by Professor Sasha Talavera and Tho Pham (School of Management PhD student) has been accepted for publication by World Development (3* ABS). This research was supported by UNU-WIDER Research Grant.
Dr Nick Hajli and his colleague Professor Mauricio S. Featherman from Washington State University, USA, have published an editorial article for their special issue of The impact of new ICT technologies and its applications on health service development and management at Technological Forecasting & Social Change (ABS 3*).

Dr Nick Hajli has published the following  paper in collaboration with colleagues at St. Edward's University, Texas and Southwestern University in Texas: Debra Zahy-Blatz, Nick Hajli, Debika Sihi, Managerial Perspectives on Crowdsourcing in the New Product Development Process, Industrial Marketing Management (ABS 3*).

Dr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi have had the following 2* paper accepted for publication: Algharabat R, AlAlwan A, Rana NP, & Dwivedi YK  (2017), The Effect of Telepresence, Social Presence and Involvement on Consumer Brand Engagement: An Empirical Study of Non-Profit Organizations, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services [Ranking: ABS: 2; ABDC: A; SNIP: 1.745; CiteScore: 3.35]

Professor Alan Hawkes has been working with Dr Maggie Chen (formerly of Swansea SoM but now in Cardiff Mathematics Department), Professor Enrico Scalas and Mailan Trinh at Sussex University, and three colleagues at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, USA. The following papers have been accepted to appear in a special issue of the journal Quantitative Finance, dedicated to the subject of “Hawkes processes in Finance”, due to appear in February 2018.

  • Professor Alan Hawkes, Hawkes processes and their applications to finance: a review
  • J.M. Chen, A.G. Hawkes, E. Scalas M. Trinh, Performance of information criteria for selection of Hawkes process models of financial data
  • J.M. Chen, A.G. Hawkes, K. Khashanah, A slightly depressing jump model: Intraday volatility pattern simulation
  • S.Y. Yang, A. Liu, J.M. Chen, and A.G. Hawkes, Applications of a multivariate Hawkes process to joint modeling of sentiment and market return events

Dr Frederic BoyProfessor Marc Clement and a research team from Swansea University have had a paper accepted for publication in Experimental Brain Research (IF = 1.96), Acute and Repetitive Fronto-cerebellar tDCS Stimulation Improves Mood in Non-Depressed Participant.
Dr Carl Cater has had a new book chapter published on Marine and Coastal Tourism in the book 
Marine and Coastal Resource Management, Principles and Practice. Edited by David R. Green, Jeffrey L. Payne (Routledge).

Dr Gareth DaviesProfessor Marc ClementDr Louisa Huxtable-ThomasSian Roderick, Bjorn RoddeJayne Daniels and Professor Paul Hannon all contributed to a chapter in Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions: Delivering on the UNESCO 2013 Beijing Declaration on Building Learning Cities published by Springer.
Professor Yogesh Dwivedi and Dr Nripendra Rana have the following peer-reviewed journal article accepted: Roy, P.K., Ahmad, Z., Singh, J.P., Alryalat, M.A.A., Rana, N.P., Dwivedi, Y.K. (2017), 
Finding and ranking high-quality answers in Community Question Answering sites, Forthcoming in Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management
Professor Yaw Debrah has had the following book chapters published:
  • Developing Strategic International Human Resource Capabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa, in Machado, C. F. (ed.) International Human Resource Management. London: Springer, (with Osabutey, E.; Nyuur, R. B.)
  • Emerging Global Firms: Insights from Chinese Multinationals in Africa, in Nwankwo, S. and Ibeh, K. (eds) The Routledge Companion to Business in Africa, New York: Routledge, (with Amankwah-Amoah, J.)
  • Reconstructing CSR in the Construction Industry, in Machado, C.F. (ed) CSR in Management and Engineering, Rivers Publishers: Aalborg-Denmark (with K. Dartey-Baah and K. Amponsah-Tawiah). Forthcoming
  • Human Capital Development, Innovation and International Competitiveness in sub-Saharan Africa, in  I. Adeleye and Esposito, M (eds) Africa’s Competitiveness in a Global Economy, London, Palgrave (with Raphael Oseghale and K. Adams). Forthcoming.
  • Training and Development: Developing Global Leaders and Expatriates, in Harzing, A. and  Pennington, A.H. (eds) International HRM (5th edition) London: Sage ( with Pennington, A.H., Chris Rees and Raphael Oseghale). Forthcoming
  • Global Talent Management in Machado, C.F. and Davim, P (eds) Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, London: Springer (with Raphael Oseghale and John Mulyata). Forthcoming

Professor Sasha Talavera’s (Accounting and Finance/Hawkes Centre for Empirical Research) work Board age diversity, directors' personal values, and bank performance co-authored with Shuxing Yin (Sheffield) and Mao Zhang (Sheffield) has been accepted for publication in International Review of Financial Analysis (3* ABS).

Professor Sasha Talavera presented a paper, Social media and public opinions: Evidence from #Brexit and #USElection, jointly written with Yuriy Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley) and Tho Pham (School of Management PGR student) at the 15th Annual Media Economics Workshop in Barcelona.
Professor Nick Rich and Helen Howson of the Bevan Academy presented the evaluation report for the Bevan Exemplar programme to the efficiency committee (headed by Andrew Goodall) and it was very well received. They are working on the evaluation of cohort two.

School of Management PGR student Kuttimani TamilmaniDr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi have the following peer-reviewed journal article accepted: Tamilmani, K., Rana, N., Alryalat, M.A., Al-Khowaiter, W., Dwivedi, Y.K.  (2017), Social Media Research in the Context of Emerging Markets: An Analysis of Extant Literature from Information Systems Perspective, Journal of Advances in Management Research.

Dr Kim Cuong Ly's (Accounting and Finance department) work, co-authored with the others, entitled Future directions in International Financial Integration Research - A crowdsourced perspective has been published in International Review of Financial Analysis (3* ABS).

Professor Yogesh DwivediDr Nripendra Rana and School of Management PGR students Kuttimani Tamilmani and Pushp Patil have had a paper accepted in a ABS 3* journal. This work was conducted in collaboration with one of our former students Dr Kawal Kapoor from Brunel University London and Professor Sridhar Nerur from the University of Texas at Arlington: Kapoor, K.K., Tamilmani, K., Rana, N.P., Patil, P., Dwivedi, Y.K. and Nerur, S. (2017), Advances in Social Media Research: Past, Present and Future. Information Systems Frontiers [Ranking: ABS-3*, ABDC-A, Impact Factor-2.521, SNIP: 1.284].

Dr Mina Tajvidi and Dr Nick Hajli have published the following paper in an ABS 3* journal: Mina Tajvidi, Yichuan Wang, Nick Hajli, Peter ED. Love, Brand Value Co-creation in Social Commerce: The Role of Interactivity, Social Support, and Relationship Quality, Computers in Human Behavior (ABS 3*).

Professor Yogesh Dwivedi and Dr Nripendra Rana have had the following paper accepted for publication: Shareef, M.A., Mukerji, B., Dwivedi, Y.K., Rana, N.P., and Islam, R.  (2018), Social Media Marketing: Comparative Effect of Advertisement Sources. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (forthcoming). [Ranking: ABS: 2; ABDC: A; SNIP: 1.745; CiteScore: 3.35]

Dr Rob Bowen presented a paper at the annual conference for the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) in Belfast. The paper was entitled: Location Effects on Agri-food SME Internationalisation: Comparing Wales and Brittany. Dr Rob Bowen was also co-author on another paper presented at the conference by Wyn Morris from Aberystwyth University: Product Differentiation and Access to Markets: A stakeholder perspective of Welsh Lamb
Recent research on self-employment, financial development and well-being by Professor Sasha Talavera (AF, Hawkes Centre), Tho Pham (AF PhD Student) and Mao Zhang (Sheffield) was highlighted by web-site, a leading internet media outlet in Ukraine.

Both Dr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi were invited to attend a Newton Fund Researcher Links Workshop on “Developing an agenda for FinTech research in emerging economies”, which was jointly organised by Loughborough University and University of Malaya. The workshop was held from 31 October – 2 November 2017 at Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Professor Dwivedi delivered the following two invited (as a mentor) talks in this workshop: (1) A Profile of current FinTech research; and (2) Structuring and writing a research article: guidance for FinTech researchers. Both Dr Rana and Professor Dwivedi also chaired sessions and contributed to an interactive panel on “Navigating academic careers in Malaysia and UK – challenges and opportunities”. The workshop provided an ideal opportunity to collect data for developing a direction setting research article on this theme, which they intend to do (within next few months) jointly with Professor MN Ravishankar from Loughborough University.

Research Training:

University staff involved in research must complete the University’s new mandatory requirements for online research integrity training. Please ensure that if you are involved in research that you complete this training by the end of November 2017. For those who have not yet enrolled, please go to and log in to ABW. From there, you will be able to select one of the Research Integrity courses best suited to your discipline and/or research interests. Once line manager approval is obtained, the training may be completed via Blackboard.

Any queries, please contact

REF Impact Case Studies:

Please can all research staff who think that they may have an impact case study they want to put forward and they’d like to discuss it before we submit it to the 2018 Mini Ref, to please contact Louisa Huxtable-Thomas either by email (, phone (2621) or come to room 301.

REMINDER: If you have research updates that you would like to be included in this bulletin, please send to Amy Jones at We want to recognise all successes.

posted on 30 May 2018

NPTC Group of Colleges would like to make students aware that there is now a free ATM cash machine in the refurbished A/B Block, located next to the main reception area.

Please remember we consider all of your suggestions and ideas and will also be considering placing additional machines on other campuses if there is demand and high usage.

posted on 25 May 2018

Promotional Video (starting in 2 weeks)

A video to highlight the good features and positives (e.g school council, facilities, innovation etc) of our school to show to both students and parents of feeder primary schools. Also we wanted to show in the video the different  activities transpiring in our school such as the sports competition and the transition programme 
Ideas and views
  1. Inclusion of the school values preferably at the beginning and/or end 
  2. Talk about the amount of time spent on dedication to activities such as basketball training 
  3. Include the variety of clubs available during and after school e.g science club 
  4. The impact of pupil voice on the school, possibly bring up the change of uniform 
  5. Voice overs with the images of the clubs in the background 
  6. The standard and improvement of grades in the school as well as the progression 
  7. Mention the extra language and other GCSEs taken by pupils
  8. Introduction by the headteacher 
  9. Inclusion of the history of Cathays
  10. Mention of the school being rebuilt with an improved design as well as improved facilities 
  11. Videos and pictures of the summer timetable, especially the trips
  12. More pupils rather than staff in the video and ask for volunteers in year 7 
  13. Narrator when photos and videos on screen to save time during video 
  14. Awais as narrator 
  15. School council as well as ordinary students to speak in video 
  16. Lucas to speak about VocalEyes and his inclusion of the child freindly city programme
  17. Charity events 
  18. Students to talk about the available community languages they are taking/taken
  19. Young interpreters 
  20. Ensuring students have permission to be in the video 
  21. Areas to broadcast the video such as Roath library
  22. Musicians in the school to provide the music in the video 
  23. Alois to provide background music 
  24. Jonathan to play guitar in back music 
  25. Josepth meyrick-ash to play piano
  26. Vivane for background music
  27. Rebecca to play the flute in back music 
  28. Aim to get the promotional video done by the beginning of July 
  29. After national test KS3 to do part of the recordings (through volunteering)  

posted on 2 May 2018

Our school twitter page is at Where you can find all the latest news updates!

posted on 1 May 2018


Professor Sasha Talavera’s paper "Politically Induced Board Turnover, Ownership Arrangements and Performance of SOEs" with his colleagues from University of Sheffield, T. Kuzman and S. Bellos has been accepted for publication by Corporate Governance: An International Review, ABS 3*.

Professor Yogesh Dwivedi has had the following papers accepted in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services:
- Shareef, MA, Baabdullah, A, Dutta, S, Kumar, V, and Dwivedi, YK (2018). Consumer Adoption of Mobile Banking Services: An Empirical Examination of Factors According to Adoption Stages. Forthcoming in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. [Ranking: ABS: 2; ABDC: A; SNIP: 1.745; CiteScore: 3.35].
- Shareef, MA, Mukerji, B, Alryalat, MAA, Wright, A and Dwivedi, YK(2018). Advertisements on Facebook: Identifying the persuasive elements in the development of positive attitudes in consumers. Forthcoming in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. [Ranking: ABS: 2; ABDC: A; SNIP: 1.745; CiteScore: 3.35].

Professor Yogesh Dwivedi
has had the following paper accepted in Government Information Quarterly: Veeramootoo, M., Nunkoo R, & Dwivedi, YK (2018). What Determines Success of an E-Government Service? Validation of an Integrative Model of E-Filing Continuance Usage. Forthcoming in Government Information Quarterly [Ranking: ABS: 3; IF2016: 4.090; SNIP: 2.780; CiteScore: 5.81].

Dr Marco Realdon’s paper “Non-Linear Gaussian Sovereign Cds Pricing Models” has been accepted by Quantitative Finance, ABS 3*.

Professor Nick Rich’s article, “National culture and operations management: A structured literature review”, has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Production Research, ABS 3*.

Dr Nripendra Rana has recently signed a contract to become the Associate Editor for ABS 2* [with Impact factor: 3.872, SNIP: 2.828, SJR: 1.252] journal “International Journal of Information Management”. Dr Nripendra Rana will take over as AP for this journal from 1st April 2018.

Dr Nripendra Rana has accepted the offer to become an Associate Editor for a peer-reviewed journal [Cite Score Tracker on Scopus: 2.43] “Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management” from Springer.

Dr Nripendra Rana has had the following paper accepted for publication: Al-Muftah, H., Weerakkody, V., Rana, N.P., Sivarajah, U., and Irani, Z. (2018). E-diplomacy Implementation: Exploring Causal Relationships Using Interpretive Structural Modelling. Government Information Quarterly, DOI: 10.1016/j.giq.2018.03.002 [Ranking: ABS-3*, ABDC: A, Impact Factor: 4.090, SNIP: 2.780, Cite Score: 5.81, SJR: 1.545].

Dr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi have had the following paper accepted for publication. This is Professor Yogesh Dwivedi’s 200th accepted peer reviewed journal article that he has contributed to (authored/co-authored) in the last 12 years: Saumya, S., Singh, J.P., Baabdullah, A., Rana, N.P. and Dwivedi, Y.K. (2018). Ranking Online Consumer Reviews: The Case of Amazon and Snapdeal. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications [Ranking: ABS-2*, Impact Factor: 1.954, SNIP: 2.303, CiteScore: 3.83].

Dr Kim Cuong Ly has had her PhD paper “Can parents protect their children? Risk comparison analysis between affiliates of multi- and single-bank holding companies” accepted for publication in the Journal of Financial Stability (ABS 3*).

Conference, Committee, Workshop and Seminar Invitations

Dr Vu Tran’s paper “Social network communications, noise traders and market efficiency” has been accepted to be presented at the Financial Management Association European Conference, Kristiansand, Norway, June 2018.

Dr Naveena Prakasam, Dr Louisa Huxtable-Thomas and Dr Paul White have had their paper “Reddit: Affordances as an enabler for shifting loyalties” accepted at the 34th EGOS Colloquium 2018 in Talinn, Estonia.[Sub-theme: 02: Understanding Organizing in Terms of Digital Media Technology: Histories, Presents, Futures].

Professor Sasha Talavera, Dr Mo Tian,  Huasheng Xiang (PhD student, Accounting and Finance) had their paper “Price dispersion in Online Betting Markets” accepted to be presented at the Royal Economic Society Conference 2018, University of Sussex, 26th-28th March 2018.

Dr Cara Reed has been invited by the journal Management Learning (ABS 3*) to do a publishing workshop with their joint editor-in-chief Prof Emma Bell at The Organization Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC) Conference on 25th April 2018 in Liverpool University.

Dr Cara Reed has had her paper “The Generation Game: Foucault’s bio-power in action” accepted to be presented at 2018 34th European Group for Organizational Studies Colloquium, 4-8 July, in Tallinn, Estonia.

Professor Yogesh Dwivedi was invited to contribute to a panel on “Participation, Engagement and Empowerment – the Role of Digital Governance and Civics” in 11th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, which was held in Galway, Ireland, April 4-6, 2018. The conference was jointly organised by National University of Ireland Galway and United Nations University - Operating Unit on Policy-Driven Electronic Governance (UNU-EGOV). The panel included Professor Viswanath Venkatesh from the University of Arkansas, Professor Atrey Kankanhalli from National University of Singapore, Professor Hiroko Kudo from Chuo University Japan and Dr. Murray Scott from National University of Ireland Galway.

Dr Hawazin Alzubaidi (one of our recently completed PhD students), Dr Emma Slade (The University of Bristol) and Professor Yogesh K Dwivedi have received Best Working Paper Award (2nd Prize) at the 3rd International Conference on Marketing, Strategy and Policy organised by Newcastle University London Campus. This award was received on the work entitled “Consumers’ pro-environmental behaviours in Saudi Arabia: Extending the TPB with innovativeness and materialism”, which was presented by Professor Dwivedi on 10th April.

PGR News

PhD student Kuttimani Tamilmani has had his paper “Generalisability of UTAUT2 Theory Testing Efficacy in Marketing Domain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” accepted at the 47th The European Marketing Academy (EMAC) 2018 conference being held in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Tamilmani, K., Rana, N.P., and Dwivedi, Y.K. (2018). Generalisability of UTAUT2 Theory Testing Efficacy in Marketing Domain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Accepted to be published in the Proceedings of 47th EMAC 2018, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.

Dr Ghadeer Kayal, a recently graduated PhD student, has had her paper “Consumer Guilt Review: A Practical Guide for Researchers” accepted in The Marketing Review journal.

Kayal, G., Rana, N.P., and Simintiras, A.C. (2018). Consumer Guilt Review: A Practical Guide for Researchers. Forthcoming in The Marketing Review.

Other News

Gary Walpole has recently had a report on the “Circular Economy practices of Small to Medium Enterprises in South Wales” commended by Welsh Government, the report will inform policy makers initiatives to encourage SMEs to adopt CE practices.  The report is being revised for submission to an academic journal.

Research Seminars

1st May, 16.00-18.00, SoM Room 239; Employment protection and share repurchases: evidence from wrongful discharge laws; SPEAKER: Viet Anh Dang; AFFILIATION: Manchester.

2nd May, 16.00-18.00, SoM Room 101; Discrete time affine term structure models with squared gaussian shocks; SPEAKER: Marco Realdon.

posted on 30 Apr 2018

VocalEyes reached a significant milestone on Friday April 27, 2018. A training event for Participatory Democracy Champions from 10 secondary schools in the City of Cardiff took place in the grandeur of Cardiff City Hall. We welcomed almost 60 young people and their teachers on the day.

Read more and watch the video..

posted on 30 Apr 2018

On the back of the Cardiff Grand Council Event, we've put together this guide for 10 Steps to Success in your school.

Do let us know what you think and if it needs improving feel free to contact us on

posted on 29 Apr 2018