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### Watch this video from the [Eden Project]( to learn the best way of composting your waste food.

A wealth of expert advice from Catherine Cutler on how to get started with composting, from buying a decent bin to picking the perfect spot.

If you’re already up and running, then there’s also lots of tips on how to improve your compost. Find out if you’ve made some of these common mistakes, like adding the wrong stuff to your compost heap or forgetting to air it.

Discover more by reading the Eden Project‘s top 10 tips in full: [How to make a compost heap.]( The Eden Project is an educational charity that runs a host of projects to work towards a better future.

### Explore our top 5 food-based solutions:
* [Compost Your Organic Waste – even without a garden!](
* [Buy local healthy food](
* [Learn how to grow food to save money and be healthy](
* [Grow fresh food on your windowsill](
* [Healthy diet guidelines](

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### How San Francisco created a collection of food scraps and garden waste across the city to advance their zero-waste goals.

Since 1996, San Francisco’s local government has been running a food scraps and garden waste collection scheme across the city.

The project claims to have diverted 255,500 tons of organic waste from landfill, annually, preventing the emission of 93,437 metric tons CO2 equivalent/year.

Experts in sustainable food and community resilience, Yerina Mugica and Andrea Spacht Collins, have analysed the results of the initiative in the case study [Food to the Rescue: San Francisco Composting.](

Published by the [Natural Resources Defense Council (NDRC)](, the researchers explore the challenges that the project had to overcome and the key factors to its success - from using financial incentives to planning extensive education and outreach.

Discover more by reading the article in full on the [NDRC website](

### Explore our top 3 food-based solutions:
* [Promote food waste reduction and the composting of organic waste](
* [Encourage more local food suppliers with a City Region Food Partnership](
* [Start a sustainable food production business or diversify your farm](

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As many as 60 families could benefit over the next year from free food kits and an online cookery course being run by Bristol’s cookery school, Square Food Foundation and Sovereign Housing Association.

The organisations are working together to provide free weekly DIY meal kits to Sovereign residents for the whole 2021-22 academic year. The packs include pre-weighed and measured ingredients, a recipe and a cook-along video tutorial presented by a cookery teacher, and enticing recipes include Singapore noodles, Mac n cheese, Black bean quesadillas, pancakes with leeks and ham and vegetable pasties.

**Daisy Mummery, Community Development Officer for Sovereign**, said: “These sessions will go live on 2 December, with Sovereign residents in Bristol able to sign up now for the first six weeks’ worth of food boxes – providing them with a delicious family dinner each week on 2, 9, 16 December and 6, 13, 20th January. There are ten kits available each week, and anyone who misses out will be put on a priority list for next term.”

Those who sign up will need to collect their weekly cooking kit from Inns Court Community Centre, on a Thursday, between 1 and 3pm.

**The course is running thanks to £5,000 funding from Sovereign’s Your Community Your Choice project**, which is currently open for more applications, and provides funding for projects that improve outdoor spaces in Sovereign communities.

Daisy continued: “Having the time and energy to think up new dinners is often exhausting for busy parents, with fresh ingredients seeming more pricey or inaccessible than processed foods. This course not only provides a great way for families to spend time together, but could also ignite a passion for good food and cooking in budding junior chefs.”

**Charlotte Fife, one of Square Food Foundation’s cooking teachers **said: “Square Food’s virtual cooking club was born during lockdown as a way to keep families making proper square meals while they were stuck at home. We can’t wait to make the virtual cooking club available to Sovereign’s residents.”

To sign up, visit

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Now closed, thank you to all those who've taken part. We'll be in touch shortly to let you know which community projects have been successful.

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