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Dear Members,
Thank you for your continued support and patience on this matter. I am very conscious that it has been a while since I have published any updates regarding the progress we are making towards establishing a joined up bridleway for Haigh. I will do this shortly.

Категорії: Announcement, posted on 27 жовт. 2023

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UPDATE 3: Wednesday 10th May.

We are pleased to inform you that we are at last getting somewhere with this project.
We were informed at a meeting last week with Wigan Council Officers, Al and Al Creative Directors of Haigh Hall, and Keith Bergman the Manager of Haigh Woodland Park that discussions have taken place with the Rights of Way Officer and early progress has been made to finally get this up and running.
It was agreed that we will have a joint working group meeting with representatives from interested parties: Haigh Parish Council, Haigh Hall Heritage Matters (formerly Friends of Haigh Hall Heritage and Open Access for All), Al and Al and the Haigh Horse-riding Community.
The meeting has been arranged for Saturday 13th May, and will be in the form of a 'walking meeting' within the plantations, looking at a possible route.
We will keep you updated on further progress.

UPDATE 2: Sunday 12th March

Good News. The FB group Haigh Hall Matters (formerly Friends of Haigh Hall Heritage and Open Access for All) are supporting this and have scheduled it for discussion at their monthly meeting with Wigan Council Officers and Directors tomorrow.

Latest Update on the Bridleway for Haigh Project

A Teams meeting between Haigh Parish Council and Wigan Council Officers took place virtually on 13th December, when the Bridleway For Haigh project was raised and well received.
A detailed report written by the Haigh Parish Community working group, for consideration by the officers was submitted to Wigan Council after the meeting, and then distributed by the Director to the team currently responsible for the management of Haigh Country Park.


Unfortunately, the wheels of progress seem to turn very slowly in local government and we still await to hear the outcome of the meeting.

Lots of horse riders have put forward some good suggestions, ideas, and reasons why there is an urgent need for this to be addressed.

Haigh Parish Council will continue to keep the Haigh communities informed and as soon as a response is received we can move the project forward.
If you’re interested in getting involved please head on over to our new digital platform, register as a member and add your name to the project group.

If you would like to be involved please register on Vocal Eyes, have your say and click you’d like to get involved. This is a digital platform we are trialing to promote democracy. There are 6 other potential projects listed on there too. Take a look and get involved.

Direct link to site:

App for android users:

App for Apple users:

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Rhossili Community Council members are currently drafting the Annual Report for 2022/23. We'll be presenting that at the Annual Council Meeting next month, when we will be also be setting out our plans for the next 12 months. To inform those plans, we want to know what is important to you. With that in mind, we've opened a new (6th) topic question on Vocaleyes:

**What priorities should Rhossili Community Council focus on for 2023/24?**

The deadline for ideas for this topic is May 8th.

Please help us and help the community by sharing what is important to you. Add your ideas and rate and/or comment on others. Anything you post on the site will be anonymous.

Please get in touch if you need any help.

posted on 23 квіт. 2023

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We are very excited to be introducing this Vocaleyes site for the Rhossili community, hosted by Rhossili Community Council as part of the Hwb project. The site is here to provide a voice for anyone who wants to have their say and to play their part in decision-making on matters of importance and interest to the community. With this online facility, you can contribute and help make a difference from your armchair, or home desk, wherever. Even on holiday!

**First a few site rules: **
• Please note that all posts are anonymous to viewers on the site. The designated administrators can see who has posted a comment, but nobody else can.
• Please don’t share your login details with anyone else.
• Please use language that is respectful and inclusive.
• We really don’t expect any, but abusive or offensive comments will not be tolerated.
• We want the site to be useful for all and we welcome constructive feedback.

This project received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government and supported by Swansea Rural Development Partnership at Swansea Council.![](https://vocaleyes.org/vocaleyes/news/update/id/593#prettyPhoto/0/)

Категорії: General, posted on 13 бер. 2023

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We're excited to be introducing our new Vocaleyes platform at our workshop this coming Monday, February 27th at Rhossili Village Hall.

This will be a lively workshop for residents who want to have a direct input into making decisions in the community, about the community. We will show you how to use our new Vocaleyes system to enable you to respond directly to questions put by Rhossili Community Council and Rhossili Village Hall. Share your ideas, tap into your creative side and have your say!

Please bring a charged smartphone, tablet or laptop. It would be really helpful if you could register with the Vocaleyes site above, ahead of the session.

**Free refreshments (not just biscuits this time!) from 6.45pm for 7pm start.**

Категорії: Announcement, posted on 24 лют. 2023

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