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There has been a huge rise in voting registration. What a success. We urge students to do some research on their favourite party and other parties to see which party would suit you best! We recommend having a look at the summarised versions of the parties' manifestos. YouTube is an excellent place to find just that. We would recommend staying away from what political parties tell you and do your own independent research on it as the parties will try to get you to vote for them. In the 2017 election, if all the people who didn't vote created their own party, then this party would be the biggest party in Westminster and it would be the party in power. So let's make sure that your voice is represented, vote on the 13th.

Student Union President,
Laimis Lisauskas

posted on 28 Nov 2019

Pennard Community Council have been awarded funding by the Rural Development Partnership to carry out a feasibility study into a Community Hub on Pennard Playing field.

The idea came from and had support via VocalEyes and the Council agreed to use some of the 2018/19 £5000 budget allocated to ideas from this community engagement platform as match-funding.

The Community Council went out to tender and appointed a contractor at their November meeting to deliver the study.

Further community engagement on this idea will be taking place over the coming months so watch out for public meeting announcements if you would like to have your voice heard.

posted on 20 Nov 2019

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Following on from the Council's Climate and Ecological Emergency declaration in May, the Council have worked with residents to produce an action plan for 2020.

The plan will soon be available for download from the Council website along with a pledge card for residents to identify any changes they are currently making to improve their carbon footprint and make pledges to move these actions forward during the period of the plan.

In order for the actions in the plan to be realised, the Community Council will be looking for interested residents to support the Council in realising this year's plan and producing one for the following year.

posted on 20 Nov 2019

We recently received an idea on My Voice about the charges that have been imposed on the cash machine in the college. We have spoken to our Estates team who have provided us with a statement about the chargeable bank machine.
The charges were introduced by the operator Cashzone due to a cut in the fee operators receive from banks. The College does not receive any money from Cashzone for the ATM and the introduction of the charges were outwith our control.

 In order for the withdrawal fee to be removed we need to average 1800 transactions per month for a 12 month period. From 01/08/18 - 31/07/19 we only averaged 1200 transactions per month and from 01/08/19 to date we have only averaged 407. We are likely to see a further reduction in the number of ATM's in the high street as people are moving away from cash payment. The college offer contactless/chip and pin in all catering outlets throughout the college.

We really tried to have the fees removed, but unfortunately they were introduced across the UK as a whole by the ATM operators. We will continue to work to find a solution to change this in the future.


posted on 14 Nov 2019

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Today in this school council meeting we have made some posters for children in need. It is going to be on the 15th of November 2019. There is a raffle (winners get chocolate and/or sweets). We have also decided that we need to wear yellow because Pudsey bear is yellow.

posted on 8 Nov 2019

The College has been working hard with the local Foodbanks to provide those who live in unfortunate conditions. Currently, the Foodbanks are very low on volunteers for this Festive period, so we are helping if you, the student, would help in volunteering their time to help. 

The Gorseinon Foodbank at the Gorseinon Institute - Lime St, Gorseinon, Swansea SA4 4EE will be open on the Dec 5th, 12th and 19th 9.45-12:00 or thereabout depending on circumstances. They are particularly short of volunteers on the 19th but any help would be much appreciated.

If you're wondering for more information or about other locations have a look at the link here:

Locations: Red Café – Mumbles, Ty Croeso - Clydach, St Stephen’s Church - Port Tennant, City Church – Dyfatty, Lifepoint Church – City Centre.

posted on 7 Nov 2019

If you are a class rep then we have great news for you. The new Student Union Management Group is accepting applications. If you attended the class rep meeting then you would know about the goodies that we give you for being a part of it. All class reps have been invited to the Microsoft Teams Page called the Student Union. There you will find all the relevant information you need about the Student Union Management Group. Just click on the Student Union Management Group Channel to get this information.

I wish you good luck on the application,
Student Union President
Laimis Lisauskas

posted on 22 Oct 2019

Today we have been agreeing and disagreeing for the students ideas and a teacher from Windsor Clive called Miss Owen and she came to Mount Stuart Primary to learn about VocalEyes. We have emailed a company to term our rights mascot in to a cuddly toy.

posted on 11 Oct 2019

This are some ideas we turned into actions at school. 
Colegio Bilbao Community

posted on 10 Oct 2019

First conference engaging the school community with VocalEyes at UPAP´s school

posted on 3 Oct 2019

In school council we discussed our rights such as we have a right to an education and that we have a right to be heard. We also talked about why we have loud and proud. The children are making posters for their classrooms about the right for October which is we have a right to be heard. We've added 2 topics to vocal eyes to ask the children how we can improve our art, music & drama and the best ways to improve our health. These link to our school improvement plan. School council need to ask their teachers to allow time to respond. School council have just got their new badges.

posted on 27 Sep 2019

Gower College Swansea has recently made big change which is to change from one-time-use cups to reusable cups. This change happened because of ideas that were created on VocalEyes.

This college is on its way to becoming more eco-friendly for the future. This happens by acting now.

Gower College Swansea has taken action changes that students are wanting change on. We are always there for students to improve their quality of college life along with propelling them into the future with our high standards of education.

posted on 27 Sep 2019

Gower College Swansea has introduces a new role to become a GCS Active Ambassador. Their role will be organizing activities for students, attend meetings with professionals in physical and well being activities and lastly, the Active Ambassador will sit on the board of students which will decide on changes for the college.

The ambassador will represent their fellow students in the board of students. This is specially important as this means that the department that the ambassador will present will not be forgotten about.

This move is to moving into effect as to tackle the problem of generations becoming less active. With this role, we will ensure that we wont let an opportunity pass to tackle a huge issue.

posted on 24 Sep 2019

As most of the ideas put forward on the Vocaleyes Platform have been of an environmental nature. This has given the Community Council the impetus to declare a Climate Emergency for Pennard Ward. During the next six months we will be seeking advice and working with the Community to produce a plan for a carbon zero future for Pennard. If you are interested in helping us achieve these goals, we would love to hear from you.  Our vision is to include all demographics within the Community. 


posted on 17 May 2019

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We are pleased to announce that we have two candidates running for election for the Presidents Role. 

We have two learners currently campaigning to become the first paid sabbatical officer in Gower College Swansea. Before the voting commences which is April 30th 8.30 am – May 7TH 5pm ,the two candidates Laimis Liskaukas and Yasmin Shiperley will be holding question times – times below. Come along to either event and find out what is on their manifestos/ agendas from cheaper food to improved bus services. 


Times of Question time

Monday 29th April – 12- 1pm Tycoch room C9

Tuesday 30th April – 12 -1pm – Gorseinon Costa Coffee.


Voting Opens Via MOODLE at 8.30 am on April 30th 8.30 am – May 7TH  5pm closes.

posted on 26 Apr 2019

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Mae’r digwyddiadau hyn yn agored i gyfranogwyr sydd wedi/sydd ddim wedi ymwneud yn flaenorol â phrosiectau neu ddigwyddiadau Lleisiau Bach.   

AM DDIM i unrhyw un y mae ei waith yn ymwneud â phlant neu’n effeithio ar blant, neu sy’n awyddus i gynnwys plant yn ei waith. Mae hwn yn gyfle gwych i ddysgu, myfyrio, arbrofi, cyfnewid profiadau a rhwydweithio ag eraill.  

Caiff y Diwrnod ei gynnal gan ein tîm o arbenigwyr o fri ym maes Plant fel Ymchwilwyr a dulliau Cyd-gynhyrchu Oed-gynhwysol mewn cydweithrediad Academi Morgan Prifysgol Abertawe. Cewch gyfle i roi cynnig ar ddulliau, dysgu am brosiectau llwyddiannus a dysgu gan y tîm, gwesteion a’ch gilydd. 

Lleisiau Bach LittleVoices yw’r dull a ddefnyddir gan Arsyllfa Cymru ar Hawliau Dynol Plant a Phobl Ifanc i rymuso plant fel ymchwilwyr ac fel eiriolwyr er mwyn helpu i sicrhau bod hawliau dynol yn rhan annatod o fywyd plant bob dydd ac er mwyn eu galluogi i gyd-gynhyrchu newid mewn modd oed-gynhwysol.  Mae’r Arsyllfa yn fenter ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe a Phrifysgol Bangor, sy’n gweithio gydag ystod eang o bartneriaid a disgyblaethau i helpu i sicrhau bod hawliau dynol plant a phobl ifanc yn cael eu parchu, eu diogelu a’u bodloni.     

Lleisiau Bach yn Cael eu Clywed yw’r prosiect presennol a gaiff ei ariannu gan y Loteri Fawr (2017-2020) sydd â’r nod o roi’r sgiliau, y dulliau, y ddealltwriaeth a’r cyfleoedd i blant ac oedolion yng Nghymru weithio gyda’i gilydd ar sail cydraddoldeb i sicrhau newid a fydd yn gwella bywydau pobl yn eu cymunedau. Byddwn yn gwneud hyn drwy’r canlynol: 

  • cefnogi plant i gyflawni gwaith ymchwil dilynol sy’n seiliedig ar dystiolaeth;  

  • cefnogi plant ac oedolion i fynd ati’n effeithiol i gyd-gynhyrchu newid; 

  • creu cymunedau buddiant sy’n gallu ac yn ymrwymedig i normaleiddio’r gwaith o gyd-gynhyrchu penderfyniadau a newidiadau mewn modd oed-gynhwysol


This event is open to participants who have/have not previously engaged with Lleisiau Bach projects or past events. 

FREE for anyone whose work engages with or affects children, or who wants to engage children in their work, will benefit from this opportunity to learn, reflect, experiment, exchange experience and network with others. 

Hosted by our highly acclaimed team of experts in Children as Researchers and Age-Inclusive Co-production methods in collaboration with Swansea University’s Morgan Academy, the Day includes a chance to try out methods, engage with success projects, learn from the team, featured guests and each other. 

LLeisiau Bach Little Voices is the approach used by the Wales Observatory on Human Rights of Children and Young People to empower children as researchers and as advocates to help embed human rights in children’s everyday places and to enable age-inclusive co-production of change. The Observatory is an initiative based at Swansea and Bangor Universities, working with a wide range of partners and disciplines to help ensure that the human rights of children and young people are respected, protected and fulfilled.    

Little Voices Being Heard is the current Big Lottery funded project (2017-2020) that aims to provide children and adults in Wales with the skills, methods, understanding and opportunities to work together on a basis of equality to bring about change which will improve the lives of people in their communities. We do this by: 

  • supporting children to carry out and follow up evidence-based research;
  • supporting children and adults to engage effectively in co-production of change;
  • creating communitites of interest able and committed to noramlise age-inclusive co-production of decisions and changes 
Gogledd Cymru/North Wales Event -  Arwyn Roberts- 
South Wales/De Cymru Event - Helen 

posted on 18 Apr 2019

VocalEyes Democracy Day no. 3 in Llanelli as part of the Children's Zones initiative, this time at Bigyn Primary School .. check out these young people's priorities, they may not be what you expect.
VocalEyes Democracy Day, Childrens Zones, Bigyn Primary School, Apr 2019

posted on 13 Apr 2019

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a great afternoon with parents 

posted on 11 Apr 2019

Rydyn ni angen aelodau newydd i ymuno â’n Panel Ymgynghorol Ifanc.

Rydyn ni’n recriwtio hyd at 15 o bobl ifanc 11-18 oed o ledled Cymru i ymuno â’n Panel Ymghynghorol Ifanc.

Dylet ti gael profiad o gynrychioli barn pobl eraill a bod yn hyderus i rannu dy syniadau a dy farn gydag eraill. Rydyn ni’n croesawu ymholiadau gan bawb, ac yn gobeithio cael pobl ifanc o amrywiaeth eang o gefndiroedd a phrofiadau ar y panel.

Beth fyddi di’n gwneud?

  • Gweithio gyda ni i adolygu ein gwaith ac i gynnig syniadau newydd ac adborth
  • Cynyddu ymwybyddiaeth o hawliau plant a hyrwyddo gwaith Comisiynydd Plant Cymru gyda dy deulu, ofalwyr, ffrindiau, ysgol, goleg, rwydweithiau a grwpiau ieuenctid.

Beth yw’r manteision i ti?

Byddi di’n ennill sgiliau newydd, ffrindiau newydd, ac yn dysgu am waith Comisiynydd Plant Cymru. Byddi di’n cael cyfle i gymryd rhan mewn cyfarfodydd, i ddylanwadu ar ein gwaith, ac yn cael hwyl yn bod yn rhan o grŵp cyffrous.

Beth mae rhaid i ti wneud?

  • Cymryd rhan mewn tri chyfarfod diwrnod cyfan bob blwyddyn, bydd y cyntaf ar 16 Gorffennaf 2019 yn gyfarfod Cymru gyfan yn y Canolbarth, wedyn byddi di’n gallu mynd i’r ddau nesaf ar 5 Hydref 2019 a 18 Chwefror 2020 yn y De neu’r Gogledd (hanner tymor 2020).
  • Cadw mewn cysylltiad ȃ ni rhwng y cyfarfodydd trwy ebost neu cyfryngau cymdeithasol.
  • Mae cyfleoedd ychwanegol dewisol i gymryd rhan mewn gwaith arall e.e. cyfweliadau; digwyddiadau neu brosiectau, os ydych yn dewis.
  • Mae lle ar y panel yn para am ddwy flynedd.
  • Bydd angen i ti gwneud dy ffordd dy hun i gyfarfodydd a chyfleoedd ychwanegol (bydd yr holl gostau teithio rhesymol yn cael eu had-dalu), os wyt ti o dan 16, byddwn yn rhoi gwybod i’ch rhieni / gofalwyr.

 Sut mae gwneud cais?

Drwy lenwi ffurflen gais a dweud mwy wrthyn ni amdanat dy hun yn ysgrifenedig neu mewn fideo.

Y dyddiad cau yw: 9:00yb Dydd Llun 6 Mai 2019.

Ble allwch ddod o hyd i ragor o wybodaeth?

Os hoffet ti siarad â rhywun am y cyfle yma, ffonia’r swyddfa ar 01792 765600 a gofyn am Kath Mattingly neu Rhian Evans.

Beth Nesa?

Byddwn ni’n cysylltu â thi am dy gais erbyn 10 Mehefin 2019

posted on 10 Apr 2019


We need new members to join our Young People’s Advisory Panel.

We’re recruiting up to 15 young people aged 11-18 from across Wales.

You should have previous experience of representing the views of other people and confident to share your ideas and opinions with others. We welcome applications from everyone and hope to have a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences on the panel.

What will you do? 

  • Work with us to review our work each year and to give us new ideas and feedback.
  • Raise awareness of children’s rights, and promote the work of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales with your family, carers, friends, school, college, networks and youth groups.

What’s in it for you? 

You will gain new skills, new friends, and learn about the work of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales. You will have an opportunity to take part in meetings, influence her priority areas of work and have fun being part of an exciting group.

What do you have to do? 

  • Take part in three whole day meetings each year, the first on July 16th 2019 is a whole Wales meeting in Mid Wales, then you can attend in south or north Wales for the next two on Saturday October 5th (2019) and Tuesday February 18th (Half term 2020).
  • Keep in touch with us between meetings using email or social media.
  • There are optional extra opportunities to get involved in other work e.g. interviews, events or projects, if you choose to.
  • A place on the panel lasts for two years.
  • You will need to make your own way to meetings and extra opportunities (all reasonable travel expenses will be re-imbursed), if you are under 16 we will keep your parents/carers informed.

How do I apply? 

You can fill in an application form and tell us more about yourself in writing or in a video.

Closing date for applications: 9:00am Monday 6th May 2019

Where can you find more information?

If you’d like to talk to someone about this opportunity please call our office on 01792 765600 and ask for Kath Mattingly or Rhian Evans 

What Next? 

We will be in touch with you about your application by 10th June 2019

posted on 10 Apr 2019