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Recent News

The School’s Athena SWAN web page officially went live on Wednesday 25th October and is viewable here: http://www.swansea.ac.uk/som/athenaswan/

The page gives a brief overview of what the School is working towards, links to useful related information, the graphic content for this year’s International Women’s Day “pledge” campaign, future upcoming events as well as a section dedicated to staff commitments towards our Athena SWAN activities and agenda. 

The School will be applying for the Bronze award in 2018 and we would like to encourage colleagues to actively participate in one of the four working groups. Please contact Emma Lydiard-Jenkins (e.lydiard@swansea.ac.uk) or Dr Katrina Pritchard (k.l.pritchard@swansea.ac.uk ) for further information.

posted on 7 Nov 2017

*Promoting student enterprise, second year Business Management student / entrepreneur Jackson Pickard and his oxygenated fruit-drink business OxyOse are featured in this Wales Online article.

*The Placements team are promoting a year abroad option to 2nd year students. Students have the option to study a year at an international partner institution during their 3rd year of studies on a 4-year undergraduate degree. Support from colleagues, particularly those who are academic mentors, would be appreciated. For more information please email

*The newly remodelled student common room on the ground floor of the building opened for student access on October 30th. The space now has vending machines, a sink area, woodland theme graphics on the walls, vinyl flooring and still has plenty of group work space and comfortable seating. The common room was remodelled after engaging directly with the students to see what they wanted from the space and will hopefully become a warm, welcoming and highly used space that our students will look forward to visiting.

*Thanks to our colleagues in the Swansea Employability Academy, 10 School of Management students were given the opportunity to attend the L’Oreal LockIn event. This was the first time that L’Oreal has brought their student recruitment events to Swansea University, something that would not have happened without a Swansea University student making such a positive impression on their placement with the company last year as well as us now being 13th in the league tables for graduate outcomes. Our students conducted themselves exceptionally well and represented SoM in the best possible light, showing off their presentation skills, professionalism and networking abilities.

posted on 7 Nov 2017

Research Excellence:

Research by Professor Sasha Talavera, and PhD student Tho Pham from the School of Management, in collaboration with Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Professor at University of California, Berkeley, suggests that information automated software agents or "bots" were used to spread either "leave" or "remain" social media stories during and after the Brexit referendum which drove the two sides of the debate further apart. This research has been picked up by the media and Sasha and Tho have been interviewed by the following media outlets: BBC England, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland, Bloomberg, Reuters, NY Times, NPR, The Economist, Business Insider, Dutch Public Broadcaster, AFP, Washington Post, The Guardian and Wall Street Journal. For more information click here.

Professor Nick Rich has had his 4* paper, which will support a REF impact case study, entitled The Social Benefits Of Kaizen Initiatives In Healthcare: An Empirical Study accepted for publication.

The Paper, Discrimination, social capital, and financial constraints: The case of Viet Nam by Professor Sasha Talavera and Tho Pham (School of Management PhD student) has been accepted for publication by World Development (3* ABS). This research was supported by UNU-WIDER Research Grant.
Dr Nick Hajli and his colleague Professor Mauricio S. Featherman from Washington State University, USA, have published an editorial article for their special issue of The impact of new ICT technologies and its applications on health service development and management at Technological Forecasting & Social Change (ABS 3*).

Dr Nick Hajli has published the following  paper in collaboration with colleagues at St. Edward's University, Texas and Southwestern University in Texas: Debra Zahy-Blatz, Nick Hajli, Debika Sihi, Managerial Perspectives on Crowdsourcing in the New Product Development Process, Industrial Marketing Management (ABS 3*).

Dr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi have had the following 2* paper accepted for publication: Algharabat R, AlAlwan A, Rana NP, & Dwivedi YK  (2017), The Effect of Telepresence, Social Presence and Involvement on Consumer Brand Engagement: An Empirical Study of Non-Profit Organizations, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services [Ranking: ABS: 2; ABDC: A; SNIP: 1.745; CiteScore: 3.35]

Professor Alan Hawkes has been working with Dr Maggie Chen (formerly of Swansea SoM but now in Cardiff Mathematics Department), Professor Enrico Scalas and Mailan Trinh at Sussex University, and three colleagues at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, USA. The following papers have been accepted to appear in a special issue of the journal Quantitative Finance, dedicated to the subject of “Hawkes processes in Finance”, due to appear in February 2018.

  • Professor Alan Hawkes, Hawkes processes and their applications to finance: a review
  • J.M. Chen, A.G. Hawkes, E. Scalas M. Trinh, Performance of information criteria for selection of Hawkes process models of financial data
  • J.M. Chen, A.G. Hawkes, K. Khashanah, A slightly depressing jump model: Intraday volatility pattern simulation
  • S.Y. Yang, A. Liu, J.M. Chen, and A.G. Hawkes, Applications of a multivariate Hawkes process to joint modeling of sentiment and market return events

Dr Frederic BoyProfessor Marc Clement and a research team from Swansea University have had a paper accepted for publication in Experimental Brain Research (IF = 1.96), Acute and Repetitive Fronto-cerebellar tDCS Stimulation Improves Mood in Non-Depressed Participant.
Dr Carl Cater has had a new book chapter published on Marine and Coastal Tourism in the book 
Marine and Coastal Resource Management, Principles and Practice. Edited by David R. Green, Jeffrey L. Payne (Routledge).

Dr Gareth DaviesProfessor Marc ClementDr Louisa Huxtable-ThomasSian Roderick, Bjorn RoddeJayne Daniels and Professor Paul Hannon all contributed to a chapter in Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions: Delivering on the UNESCO 2013 Beijing Declaration on Building Learning Cities published by Springer.
Professor Yogesh Dwivedi and Dr Nripendra Rana have the following peer-reviewed journal article accepted: Roy, P.K., Ahmad, Z., Singh, J.P., Alryalat, M.A.A., Rana, N.P., Dwivedi, Y.K. (2017), 
Finding and ranking high-quality answers in Community Question Answering sites, Forthcoming in Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management
Professor Yaw Debrah has had the following book chapters published:
  • Developing Strategic International Human Resource Capabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa, in Machado, C. F. (ed.) International Human Resource Management. London: Springer, (with Osabutey, E.; Nyuur, R. B.)
  • Emerging Global Firms: Insights from Chinese Multinationals in Africa, in Nwankwo, S. and Ibeh, K. (eds) The Routledge Companion to Business in Africa, New York: Routledge, (with Amankwah-Amoah, J.)
  • Reconstructing CSR in the Construction Industry, in Machado, C.F. (ed) CSR in Management and Engineering, Rivers Publishers: Aalborg-Denmark (with K. Dartey-Baah and K. Amponsah-Tawiah). Forthcoming
  • Human Capital Development, Innovation and International Competitiveness in sub-Saharan Africa, in  I. Adeleye and Esposito, M (eds) Africa’s Competitiveness in a Global Economy, London, Palgrave (with Raphael Oseghale and K. Adams). Forthcoming.
  • Training and Development: Developing Global Leaders and Expatriates, in Harzing, A. and  Pennington, A.H. (eds) International HRM (5th edition) London: Sage ( with Pennington, A.H., Chris Rees and Raphael Oseghale). Forthcoming
  • Global Talent Management in Machado, C.F. and Davim, P (eds) Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, London: Springer (with Raphael Oseghale and John Mulyata). Forthcoming

Professor Sasha Talavera’s (Accounting and Finance/Hawkes Centre for Empirical Research) work Board age diversity, directors' personal values, and bank performance co-authored with Shuxing Yin (Sheffield) and Mao Zhang (Sheffield) has been accepted for publication in International Review of Financial Analysis (3* ABS).

Professor Sasha Talavera presented a paper, Social media and public opinions: Evidence from #Brexit and #USElection, jointly written with Yuriy Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley) and Tho Pham (School of Management PGR student) at the 15th Annual Media Economics Workshop in Barcelona.
Professor Nick Rich and Helen Howson of the Bevan Academy presented the evaluation report for the Bevan Exemplar programme to the efficiency committee (headed by Andrew Goodall) and it was very well received. They are working on the evaluation of cohort two.

School of Management PGR student Kuttimani TamilmaniDr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi have the following peer-reviewed journal article accepted: Tamilmani, K., Rana, N., Alryalat, M.A., Al-Khowaiter, W., Dwivedi, Y.K.  (2017), Social Media Research in the Context of Emerging Markets: An Analysis of Extant Literature from Information Systems Perspective, Journal of Advances in Management Research.

Dr Kim Cuong Ly's (Accounting and Finance department) work, co-authored with the others, entitled Future directions in International Financial Integration Research - A crowdsourced perspective has been published in International Review of Financial Analysis (3* ABS).

Professor Yogesh DwivediDr Nripendra Rana and School of Management PGR students Kuttimani Tamilmani and Pushp Patil have had a paper accepted in a ABS 3* journal. This work was conducted in collaboration with one of our former students Dr Kawal Kapoor from Brunel University London and Professor Sridhar Nerur from the University of Texas at Arlington: Kapoor, K.K., Tamilmani, K., Rana, N.P., Patil, P., Dwivedi, Y.K. and Nerur, S. (2017), Advances in Social Media Research: Past, Present and Future. Information Systems Frontiers [Ranking: ABS-3*, ABDC-A, Impact Factor-2.521, SNIP: 1.284].

Dr Mina Tajvidi and Dr Nick Hajli have published the following paper in an ABS 3* journal: Mina Tajvidi, Yichuan Wang, Nick Hajli, Peter ED. Love, Brand Value Co-creation in Social Commerce: The Role of Interactivity, Social Support, and Relationship Quality, Computers in Human Behavior (ABS 3*).

Professor Yogesh Dwivedi and Dr Nripendra Rana have had the following paper accepted for publication: Shareef, M.A., Mukerji, B., Dwivedi, Y.K., Rana, N.P., and Islam, R.  (2018), Social Media Marketing: Comparative Effect of Advertisement Sources. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (forthcoming). [Ranking: ABS: 2; ABDC: A; SNIP: 1.745; CiteScore: 3.35]

Dr Rob Bowen presented a paper at the annual conference for the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) in Belfast. The paper was entitled: Location Effects on Agri-food SME Internationalisation: Comparing Wales and Brittany. Dr Rob Bowen was also co-author on another paper presented at the conference by Wyn Morris from Aberystwyth University: Product Differentiation and Access to Markets: A stakeholder perspective of Welsh Lamb
Recent research on self-employment, financial development and well-being by Professor Sasha Talavera (AF, Hawkes Centre), Tho Pham (AF PhD Student) and Mao Zhang (Sheffield) was highlighted by voxukraine.org web-site, a leading internet media outlet in Ukraine.

Both Dr Nripendra Rana and Professor Yogesh Dwivedi were invited to attend a Newton Fund Researcher Links Workshop on “Developing an agenda for FinTech research in emerging economies”, which was jointly organised by Loughborough University and University of Malaya. The workshop was held from 31 October – 2 November 2017 at Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Professor Dwivedi delivered the following two invited (as a mentor) talks in this workshop: (1) A Profile of current FinTech research; and (2) Structuring and writing a research article: guidance for FinTech researchers. Both Dr Rana and Professor Dwivedi also chaired sessions and contributed to an interactive panel on “Navigating academic careers in Malaysia and UK – challenges and opportunities”. The workshop provided an ideal opportunity to collect data for developing a direction setting research article on this theme, which they intend to do (within next few months) jointly with Professor MN Ravishankar from Loughborough University.

Research Training:

University staff involved in research must complete the University’s new mandatory requirements for online research integrity training. Please ensure that if you are involved in research that you complete this training by the end of November 2017. For those who have not yet enrolled, please go to home.swan.ac.uk and log in to ABW. From there, you will be able to select one of the Research Integrity courses best suited to your discipline and/or research interests. Once line manager approval is obtained, the training may be completed via Blackboard.

Any queries, please contact researchintegritytraining@swansea.ac.uk

Introduction to Structure Equation Modelling (SEM) with Partial Least Square Modelling (PLS) method. To attend please complete this 
If you have any questions or suggestions for any training that you would like to be included in the SoM PGR training programme, please do not hesitate to contact the PGR team.

REF Impact Case Studies:

Please can all research staff who think that they may have an impact case study they want to put forward and they’d like to discuss it before we submit it to the 2018 Mini Ref, to please contact Louisa Huxtable-Thomas either by email (L.A.Huxtable-Thomas@Swansea.ac.uk), phone (2621) or come to room 301.

REMINDER: If you have research updates that you would like to be included in this bulletin, please send to Amy Jones at Amy.E.Jones@swansea.ac.uk. We want to recognise all successes.

posted on 6 Nov 2017

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