We have all seen the popular political show 'Question Time', where politicians debate certain topics and are then put on the spot by members of the audience consisting of their most significant stakeholder - the general public.

Using this as their inspiration, the student -led Events Planning Committee launched their very own Question Time event, giving an audience of students the chance to grill the Principal, Assistant and Deputy Principal's and other members of the Senior Management. Team about the issues important to them.
 This was taken one step further, where after the QT had concluded, there was an interactive event where learners could vote on their preferred answers to a number of questions - similar to the "ask the audience" feature on the famous quiz show 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'.

Needless to say, this went down as quite a hit with the students and increased their level of satisfaction with the SMT as they could see open dialogue occurring.

posted on 19 Aug 2014

A game of pool is a popular social activity during a busy college day. Thus, to accommodate this, there are a number of pool tables available for use to give as many students as possible  the opportunity to play and enjoy their free time. 
 However, due to limited space, these are no full size pool tables, so even though a suggestion for a full size pool table was given on VocalEyes, and initially considered, it was conclusively reached that there is not enough room for a full size pool table without the removal of some of the existing tables. 
 This would have resulted in less tables available for play, a longer waiting time etc. 
 So we have decided ' if it isn't broken, don't fix it!', and will leave the area as it is!

posted on 12 Aug 2014

Each one of us has our own ideas of what we like to do to wind down. Whether it be letting off some steam playing a game of sports or learning a life skill such as a new language or first-aid, or even creative activities such as model making and or debating in a society can be therapeutic in their own ways.
 All if these activities have been organised on your lazy Wednesday afternoon as a nice break from busy stressful college life and to keep you motivated and invigorated.
 Also, for those of you re- sitting a GCSE or two, there are classes to help you get at the top of your game and ready to pass and do yourselves proud! 
 Use VocalEyes to let the WOW team know if there are any other activities you would like brought to life!

posted on 12 Aug 2014

Despite the beautiful sunny picture attached to this post, Wales is hardly known for its high temperatures and scorching sunlight. 
After a change in legislation, all smokers must now smoke outside, away from public buildings.
the problem arises when nature takes it's course and hurls down rain for hours on end,... Where are the smokers to go?
Unfortunately, after having priced up the smoking/ bus shelters to arrive at a potential cost of £80,000 ; the college has not found it feasible to provide these shelters for the students.
 Though many of you were understandably unhappy with this outcomes, you were all very understanding once the financial situation was explained to you.
 A big thank you for your maturity!

posted on 12 Aug 2014

Students on a traineeship course fed back on ideas to improve their course. One pointed out that the PPE engineering overalls didn't fit the female students very well. The engineering department took this feedback and within a couple of days had sources new kit; student-generated Ideas into action powered by VocalEyes.

posted on 1 Aug 2014

The college got straight onto their suppliers when female engineering students pointed out their boots were too big! Here's the suitably booted students putting their best foot forward. One small step for a student, one giant leap for womankind.

posted on 1 Aug 2014

“Bring back the college choir! It has been temporarily cancelled and no one else has been approached to lead it. This was really successful in getting staff together across college.”

Such an activity is great for staff health and morale, encouraging motivation and cooperation among staff members. Over 200 staff spent the time to rate the idea with an exceptional average rating of 4.8 out of 5!

The newly assembled staff choir now regularly meet 4-5pm every Wednesday; organized by Tracy Saunders and Vicky Parr, and headed by Sue Howley as choir leader.

They recently made their big debut singing to you all at the graduation ceremony at St Davids Cathedral!

Remember us when you’re famous!

posted on 29 Jul 2014

College students attending a traineeship course over the summer took some taster sessions in various areas within the college such as hairdressing, IT and engineering. They also participated in a scheme to test out using mobile technology - and learning Apps - on loaned tablet devices to enhance their learning experience. Photographed one of our trainees using the tablet provided.

VocalEyes was easily-accessible on the tablet devices and this ensured all learners had their say on the running of their course. The group contributed 21 ideas and also familiarised themselves with how to use VocalEyes. Empowered and participating in their learning,

Learner Voice has never been more important in helping the college respond to learner needs, communicating with specific groups and encouraging students to become active learners - and citizens.

posted on 28 Jul 2014

These new graphs give you a quick insight into the level of activity in your group. They are also interactive - you can click drag over an area of the graph zoom in and look in detail at a shorter period of time.  

If you are a group administrator, you will find them on your Stats & Reports page.

posted on 22 Jul 2014

Feel free to have a good look around in this VocalEyes Demo Group - Open to All
If you would like to gain access to Group Admin and the full feature set, dont hesitate to email us

posted on 18 Jun 2014

Usernames are now linked to group admin where users can have restriction imposed on their accounts which will mean they can no longer post ideas, comments & replies.

This function should be useful for administrator having trouble with users who continually submit inappropriate content.

posted on 4 Jun 2014

Getting the message out to students before half-term - to participate in the 'Wales We Want' big conversation on VocalEyes. 

posted on 22 May 2014

When a member of staff posted to acknowledge that we should accept and celebrate our differences, rather than “forcing a ‘one size fits all’ culture philosophy”, 88 of you showed your support by giving it a respectable average rating of 3.2!

A big win for respect and diversity among the staff!

An excellent example for students to follow.

Watch this space for updates on Job Shadowing next term!

posted on 9 May 2014

Thank you!
VocalEyes is actively used as a tool for self improvement within the college. A way to constructively criticize and evaluate what is being done and what could be done better.

A poll was posted asking how many people agreed with the statement that they received a timely response to 'computer help desk jobs' was met with a flurry of positive reactions!

Not only did 71 of you give it an excellent average of 4.5, but many of you took the time to write lovely comments showing your appreciation of how hard working and efficient the help desk team are!

Such comments included :

" A brilliant service provided by a brilliant team of professional helpers, thanks guys."
and, "Brilliant service!"

This is a fantastic level of satisfaction and your comments have been passed on to the IT department.

posted on 7 May 2014


You may have heard of the Proposed Future Generations Bill which is being introduced by the Welsh Government this summer.  This Bill has been designed to ensure that the public sector is focused on delivering the long term goals we want to achieve for the future of Wales. The Welsh Assembly Government has begun a National Conversation where Welsh citizens can contribute and express what Wales they want.  VocalEyes is your chance to be involved in the National Conversation regarding the future direction & development of Wales. 

We need to create jobs, and get the right growth to lift people out of poverty. We need to make our environment and our communities more resilient to the major environmental problems we face including addressing declining biodiversity. We need people to be healthy, to achieve their potential and to make Wales a more equal society. We need to reduce our consumption of natural resources and act to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change.

Please use VocalEyes and join in the conversation and share your thoughts and goals alongside those of the Welsh Government.

Thank you

posted on 6 May 2014

Blog posts are now available on VocalEyes. The blog can be used to celebrate the positive stories of good ideas turning into action. These stories can then be shared across social media sites and promoted to your networks.

posted on 14 Apr 2014

Many of you have been enjoying the Monday evening Pilates class!

Staff Development asked what leisure activity you would like to enjoy this term with Pilates as the front runner.

Remember to complete a feedback form or leave comments here to help us plan future 


Ystod tymor yma mae llawer ohonoch chi wedi bod yn mwynhau dosbarthiadau Pilates ar nos Lun!

Gofynnodd yr adran Datblygu Staff i bawb i bleidleisio ar ba weithgaredd hamdden hoffwn bawb eu gwneud gyda Pilates yn arwain y ffordd!

Cofiwch gwblhau ffurflen adborth neu cofnodwch eich barn yma er mwyn helpu ni gyda threfniadau nes ymlaen.


posted on 9 Apr 2014

This menu is not just a good way to get around your group, it is also a visualisation of the VocalEyes process.

posted on 5 Mar 2014

More Art!
Art has always been a source of joy for many. It is a form of therapy to relieve the stresses of the mind, and can come in many forms. From paintings to sketches, clay statues to wire figures, it is appreciated by the masses.

As educators, you must feel a strong sense of pride when you see your students excel, just as a parent does as they witness their child grow. Therefore, one of you proud mother (or father!) hens gave the lovely suggestion of encouraging the art students to produce a small structure that would be showcased in the courtyard at the end of term.

165 of you logged on to rate this idea and show our support and even take this idea to new heights with your comments!

With the initial suggestion only being 1ft high, comments responded to it questioning "Why can't it be bigger?", obviously encouraging bigger and better. While another comment opened up the doors to include the welders and carpenters as opposed to just the art students.

How lucky these students must be to be taught by such encouraging academics.

posted on 26 Feb 2014

We all know the pain of trying to change the channel on the television, only to come to the realization that the batteries in the remote are flat.

Well, have no fear, VocalEyes is here!

You logged on to suggest that a rechargeable battery system be put in place per department. With an encouraging rating of 3.2, 107 of you agreed with this suggested idea.

This came with the added bonus of an estimated annual saving of £1000. Illustrating how good going green really is!

posted on 8 Jan 2014