More Art! posted on 26 Feb 2014
Art has always been a source of joy for many. It is a form of therapy to relieve the stresses of the mind, and can come in many forms. From paintings to sketches, clay statues to wire figures, it is appreciated by the masses.

As educators, you must feel a strong sense of pride when you see your students excel, just as a parent does as they witness their child grow. Therefore, one of you proud mother (or father!) hens gave the lovely suggestion of encouraging the art students to produce a small structure that would be showcased in the courtyard at the end of term.

165 of you logged on to rate this idea and show our support and even take this idea to new heights with your comments!

With the initial suggestion only being 1ft high, comments responded to it questioning "Why can't it be bigger?", obviously encouraging bigger and better. While another comment opened up the doors to include the welders and carpenters as opposed to just the art students.

How lucky these students must be to be taught by such encouraging academics.

Be kind, Rewind,.. Oops I mean recharge! posted on 8 Jan 2014

We all know the pain of trying to change the channel on the television, only to come to the realization that the batteries in the remote are flat.

Well, have no fear, VocalEyes is here!

You logged on to suggest that a rechargeable battery system be put in place per department. With an encouraging rating of 3.2, 107 of you agreed with this suggested idea.

This came with the added bonus of an estimated annual saving of £1000. Illustrating how good going green really is!
Lots of New Books have Arrived posted on 26 Aug 2009

Well, well, well! No-one expected that. "New Books" was one of the highest priorities for the students of the school.

In response we've purchased numerous new titles to freshen up our reading list.

New Laptops Purchased posted on 22 Jul 2009
Sharing laptops has been an issue for us for some time and to resolve this we've now purchased 6 new laptops which should mean there is enough for one per child in the classroom.